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Stensul announces integrated features leveraging Gen AI

First in a Series of AI-enabled Capabilities to the Company's Content Creation Platform

Stensul, the collaborative email and landing page creation platform, announced an initial set of integrated features that leverage the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) to help users create better content more efficiently. They are the latest part of the company’s drive to improve creation efficiency for users of its creation platform.

The new features introduced align with Stensul’s approach to streamlining and simplifying content creation while empowering everyone on a team to do that easily and confidently. The new features native to the platform are:

  • Subject Line, Preheader Text, and Title Generator
  • Writing Style Changer
  • CTA (call-to-action) Text Generator

“Stensul has always been about helping teams do their best work by improving their efficiency, joining creation and collaboration in one platform,” said Noah Dinkin, Stensul’s Founder & CEO. “Incorporating a growing array of capabilities that take advantage of Gen AI just makes so much sense. Each Gen AI-enabled feature saves time while enabling teams to create better content. This will absolutely bolster performance, and we’re just getting started.”

The new features already have a track record of success. Stensul launched a set of free, stand-alone Gen AI-powered tools on the Stensul website earlier this year. Strong market response and usage of those free tools helped validate growing internal excitement around these capabilities, while also enabling Stensul to learn firsthand from feedback.

Subject Line, Preheader Text, and Title Generator
Because the Subject Line and Preheader are two of the most critical elements of an email, marketers spend lots of time and creative energy to produce subject lines, preheaders, and titles that will prompt recipients to open and engage with emails. Any improvement, especially one that takes less time to create, is music to the ears of email marketers everywhere.

While creating an email in Stensul, users can use the new Gen AI functionality to create from scratch or suggest additional subject lines based on the body content of the email. Tweaks can easily be made for tone or length, and users are always required to stay within preset brand guardrails around these elements.

Writing Style Changer
When it comes to headlines and body copy in emails, users often iterate several cycles before those text elements are just right. This includes writing style and specific requirements for length of copy. The Writing Style Changer lets users rapidly iterate on copy within Stensul, without needing to worry about writer’s block.

To leverage the Writing Style Changer, users simply select any text element in the Stensul email builder, and a menu will appear for tuning the text suggestions. Writing style options include enthusiastic, funny, informational, professional, salesy, casual, and cute, among others. With each option, a user is always in control of the character or word count.

CTA Text Generator
Call-to-Action text is crucial for marketers to drive valuable actions from email recipients. Like the subject line to get recipients to open, and the email headline and copy to attain engagement, the CTA is a critical step in the customer journey.

Marketers spend a lot of time finding the perfect CTA phrase to use that will motivate recipients to make the next move. Much like Stensul’s other new Gen AI features, the CTA Text Generator provides alternative versions in terms of copy, length, and tone, helping users make the best choice for their goals.

“We’re just getting started with bringing the full benefits of Gen AI to email creation,” Dinkin said. “The technology is magical, and combined with Stensul’s powerful platform and robust guardrails to maintain brand standards for our customers, we think there’s a lot of value we can bring to the table around content creation and collaboration.”

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