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Stratix Launches Retail CX with Zebra Technologies’ Solutions

Mobile technology links digital with brick-and-mortar for intelligent operations and streamlined efficiency

Stratix Corporation, a leading provider of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) in the U.S., has released a new interactive video experience showing how to transform retail operations leveraging the power of solutions that are part of Zebra’s Modern Store framework.

As retailers develop better ways to meet higher customer expectations and deliver seamless experiences between digital shopping and brick-and-mortar locations, they need real-time inventory data, self-service options like scan and go, and integrated client information. The video shows how Zebra enterprise mobile computing solutions link everything from back-of-house to point-of-sale at the front into unified systems for intelligent operations, streamlined efficiency, and the best-possible employee and customer experiences.

To watch the video, visit:

Purpose-built retail applications on Zebra’s rugged enterprise mobile computing solutions help associates collaborate, multitask, master inventory, advance sales, and shorten wait times.

Data is collected from everything from point-of-sale to in-store cameras and Internet of Things sensors to get the big picture. Managers see what makes customers tick and how they move around stores. Zebra’s SmartLens® senses the location and movement of merchandise and assets. Zebra Prescriptive Analytics parses data and prescribes solutions like moving inventory, finding and fixing pricing errors, reducing expenses and waste, or helping with loss prevention.

The complete retail solution from Stratix using Zebra’s innovative offerings enables fast digital transformation for retailers so they can quickly meet market demands. We leverage our four decades of expertise in solution design, comprehensive lifecycle management, and 24x7x365 support. We solve challenges like:

  • Lowering costs using multi-use devices across different workflows
  • Harnessing data at scale and enabling agile ways of working
  • Simplifying omnichannel complexity and supply chain logistics to meet customer demands

“Stratix and Zebra have aligned to deliver out-of-the-box-ready solutions for some of the country’s most iconic retail brands,” said Gina Daniel-Lee, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Stratix. “We are happy to evangelize the retail digital transformation that only Stratix and Zebra can deliver.”

Stratix offers a complete retail solution from one expert provider, making it convenient, easy, and cost-effective for retailers to gain the mobile tools and data they need for success in today’s marketplace.

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