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Streamlined Data Collection and Tracking With Bartender


Seagull Scientific, LLC, (“Seagull”) maker of BarTender®, the global leader in software to print, mark, and code labels, RFID tags, products, and packaging, has created a new solution that simplifies, accelerates, and provides real-time end-to-end visibility into an organization’s operations.

BarTender enables real time asset tracking, inventory management, and work-in-progress tracking by simplifying and streamlining data-collection through existing BarTender labels and RFID tags. By leveraging the data already associated with each BarTender label and RFID tag, additional data can enhance traceability and transparency.

Leveraged by businesses of all sizes across many industries, including the world’s largest and most dynamic supply chains, BarTender creates item, case, pallet labels, RFID tags, and other digital identities. Now, BarTender customers can easily add information to the BarTender record during the labels’ transit through packing, shipping and receiving.

Customer Success Story:  Work Sharp

Work Sharp, a manufacturer of industrial sharpening tools based in Ashland, Oregon, is a BarTender customer. Recently, Work Sharp engaged with BarTender to solve several issues associated with ecommerce brand protection and channel management.

Work Sharp participates in the Amazon Transparency program – a product serialization service which uses unique serial codes to ensure that every item shipped to customers is authentic. However, the process was manual and limited the number of their catalog items that could utilize the Transparency program. Additionally, they had channel management issues resulting in their products being listed on the ecommerce marketplace by unauthorized partners at unsustainable pricing. This channel conflict resulted in significant loss of revenue and increased channel discontent.

BarTender was able to help Work Sharp solve both problems with an easy to deploy solution because it uses existing labeling infrastructure to capture the necessary data to facilitate the tracking and management of inventory:

  • When an Amazon Transparency label is printed with BarTender, the process of registering the codes with Amazon is completely automated, making the process easier, more efficient, and with less opportunity for error.
  • The BarTender label design was enhanced to support both a physical label and an e-label. The e-label contains data needed to identify the partner it was sold to. When printed, a physical label is produced, and an e-label is stored. The e-label information is only available to Work Sharp and is not visible on the physical label.
  • BarTender partnered with Mojix, a leader in real-time, item-level visibility solutions, to improve inventory tracking for Work Sharp.
  • Label information is transferred to the Mojix solution, a global supply chain management platform that provides real-time, item-level visibility, aggregating and displaying detailed insights into each item’s journey.
  • When Work Sharp wants to investigate the history of a Work Sharp item being sold on Amazon marketplace, they purchase the item and scan the Amazon Transparency code to view the e-label’s private information. This enables the Mojix Source® app to provide information on the item’s logistics history.

Harold Boe, Chairman and Co-Founder of Seagull said:  “The need for enhanced asset and inventory tracking and item-level traceability is growing, and labeling infrastructure is key to unlocking it. BarTender customers, having already invested in their labeling systems, can now leverage BarTender to simplify and accelerate end-to-end tracking.”

Boe went on to say, “BarTender labeling solutions have helped countless organizations streamline their operations and reduce those costs by bringing together their disparate standalone labeling systems. BarTender customers can now go beyond optimized high-performance printing to enable serialization and traceability.”

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