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SupportLogic Launches Post-Sales CX Observability


SupportLogic, a leader in Support Experience (SX) management and post-sales CX observability, announced the general availability of the SupportLogic Data Cloud at the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit. Businesses can now observe and act on post-sales customer interaction signals directly within Snowflake without data movement.

The battle for revenue growth has shifted from pre-sales to post-sales, making AI for post-sales CX a key investment to help businesses stay competitive. While PwC reports that 73% of US companies are using AI for business, AI adoption and value realization among large enterprises have been held back by data friction. SupportLogic’s recently published State of CXO Report highlights similar industry trends for CX leaders.

Observability tools are foundational to the IT software stack, but today’s organizations encounter a gap in monitoring customer interactions. A leading challenge for CX observability is how customer signals and insights are spread across multiple systems of record, predominantly in unstructured data. SupportLogic addresses this by connecting disparate data sources, normalizing the data, extracting signals, and making accurate predictions. These insights are now securely accessible via Snowflake AI Data Cloud.

SupportLogic is making it extremely easy and cost-effective for organizations to reduce data friction and enable new use cases, including:

  • Customer health scoring, churn risk prediction and customer journey mapping
  • Post-sales customer marketing and digital customer success automation
  • Building business intelligence dashboards and in-house AI applications
  • Migrating between CRMs with reverse ETL

Snowflake customers can now leverage SupportLogic’s purpose-built models and workflows with SnowflakeArctic and SnowflakeCortex to build their own Generative AI models for enhanced workflows and insights.

“SupportLogic’s founding vision has always been about unlocking signals from customer interactions and putting them to use for the entire company. With SupportLogic Data Cloud, we’re further removing friction and enabling a new set of use cases,” said Krishna Raj Raja, Founder and CEO of SupportLogic. “By directly building on the power of Snowflake AI Data Cloud, we do the heavy lifting for our customers and minimize the time and IT resources required to kickstart the post-sales CX journey from a matter of months to days.”

SupportLogic Data Cloud builds upon the strong integration between SupportLogic and Snowflake. Many leading data infrastructure and business intelligence software companies, including Salesforce, Snowflake, Databricks, Qlik, Tableau, Alteryx, Fivetran, and many others, are already using SupportLogic to monitor their customer interactions.

SupportLogic SX supports Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow CSM and ITSM, and Atlassian JIRA out of the box. In addition, the platform provides a schema-agnostic data importer that allows you to connect to any database deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. SupportLogic SX extracts signals from ticket data, voice and chat sessions and enables organizations to proactively protect their customer experience and understand the voice of the customer without having to rely on reactive surveys.

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