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Suzy Debuts Data Explorer for Powerful Data Analysis

Users can now uncover hidden relationships in their data with just a few clicks.

Suzy, a leading provider of consumer insights, today announced the launch of Data Explorer as part of its research cloud offering. Designed to unlock powerful insights from quantitative data, this innovative data analysis tool represents Suzy’s initial venture into the realm of AI-powered data analysis.

Data Explorer allows users to easily manipulate, combine and analyze data, uncovering the hidden relationships in their quantitative findings. With the ability to create custom banners using demographics, segments and previous survey data, researchers can reveal trends and better understand their target audience. Stat tests and custom calculations are also available for more advanced analysis. All results can be customized to view in either table or graph format for easy export and sharing.

Katie Gross, Chief Customer Officer at Suzy, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We’re excited to present Data Explorer, an initial step into a future driven by AI-powered data analysis. This tool equips our customers to delve deeper into their data quickly and effectively.”

“Data Explorer is unlike anything we have built before,” commented Chief Product Officer, Nick Gauchat. “It simplifies the process of analyzing large datasets by providing an intuitive interface that anyone can use and allows us to better leverage to power AI in the future.”

With Data Explorer’s innovative features, users will be able to make more informed decisions based on their data faster than ever before, all in one simple, easy-to-use platform. This latest launch builds on Suzy’s experience of launching cutting-edge solutions, like AI-powered Dynamic Segmentation and Heatmapping, demonstrating the company’s ability to stay ahead of the curve. Suzy is currently working on incorporating generative AI into the Suzy platform and will be making announcements in the near future.

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