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Swedish-Vietnamese Tech from Fram^ Powers Fashion Sharing Economy in Sweden

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The Fram^ and Gemme partnership is at the intersection of fast-growing digital businesses and the increasing demand for sustainability and greater social consciousness in emerging categories. Fram^ delivers leading digital and technology services to support rapid company growth and digital development. Gemme provides an intuitive consumer-to-consumer clothing rental service martech news.

The Gemme model doesn’t require production of new fashion, which makes everything that happens on the platform more sustainable. Other rental services own their inventory and still put orders to fashion brands, which drives production. Fram^ have supported Gemme to have new smart ways of working sustainably and are now a driving force behind making the ‘end-of-ownership’ and the ‘sharing economy’ a reality for people in Stockholm martech.

From a digital perspective, marketplaces like eBay, Airbnb, Uber and Lyft, Alibaba, and Instacart, have become some of the most impactful companies in the world economy. Many of the fastest growing marketplaces are emblematic of emerging categories among millennial and Gen Z consumers, including local and indie brands, celebrity engagement, and streetwear[1].

Fram^ has supported a number of marketplaces and rapidly growing fashion, brand and e-commerce related companies across the world; including global players from South East Asia to USA and Sweden. Gemme are now poised for success alongside similar fast-growing companies in the category[2] including Goat, Zillingo, ThreadUp and Poshmark. With these companies spanning both B2B and B2C elements of the supply chain, digital technology is revolutionising the ability for consumers to access, share and resell goods globally[3].

Fram^ Managing Director, Michael Bateman described that he was excited about the continuing partnership between Gemme and Fram^, saying “With sustainability at the core of the Gemme platform, socially responsible and sustainability savvy swedes can benefit from the leading-edge digital experience that will power future growth for Gemme and the sharing economy.”

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