Synder Introduces Insights to Instantly Track Business Performance


Synder, a software for smart and easy e-commerce accounting, has recently introduced the extension of its reporting functionality to embrace Business insights — game-changing instant e-commerce analytics to track and tweak business performance in real time based on real numbers.

The Business insights feature is a set of instantly generated reports based on the data that Synder captures from the connected e-commerce platforms and payment gateways, such as sales, customers, products, payment processing fees, etc. This variety provides e-commerce businesses with loads of valuable insights for management and growth, allowing them to make decisions guided not by assumptions but by accurate data. Ultimately, it becomes a source of truth for a business on different levels, including executives, marketing, etc. Here’s a sneak pic of how it works.

A 360 view of your sales

With featured real-time generated Business insights reports on sales, customer lifetime value, or average order value, Synder users have a comprehensive view of how their sales operate. Reports are generated automatically and include information about each new sale as soon as it occurs on any connected platform. You can filter data by source, which allows you to see the whole picture of sales for a certain period or for each sales channel separately. This enables you to control your performance across different channels, instantly track and analyze changes (both positive and negative), and react in a timely manner according to the situation.

Manage products efficiently

A set of product reports help to analyze product performance across different periods, identify your best and worst sellers, and instantly track the impact of any changes (like changing product descriptions or pictures) on how products sell. It helps to manage inventory more efficiently, understand demand better, and plan future supply based on accurate, up-to-date numbers. It can also give insights into how well various marketing activities work, allowing testing ideas and receiving data-driven results.

Build loyalty easier

With customers being fuel for any e-commerce business, it’s crucial to have a clear view of how people interact with your company. Customer reports within Business insights provide users with valuable information about how much customers spend, how often they buy from you, how many ask for refunds, etc. It gives you plenty of opportunities to gain customer loyalty and improve your sales. You can build better relationships with your best-performing customers by offering them discounts or special prices, analyze reasons for refunds to understand how to improve, and much more.

“In times when businesses have to diversify their offers for different audiences, be displayed on several marketplaces, plus have several storefronts and payment methods in operation to streamline their customer experience, ultimately it comes to a question of evaluation of your efforts and ROIs. To assess this, you need to have a trusted source of data: your real business numbers at hand, making sure these numbers are complete, accurate, and up-to-date. At Synder, we understand this trend and feel this vibe, therefore we’re glad to introduce enhanced, all-embracing ecommerce analytics to provide our clients with operational, comprehensive data that is available on the go.” – Michael Astreiko, Synder CEO and founder, explaining the idea behind Synder Business insights. (

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