Tagger Media Launches ‘Signals’: A Creator Listening Engine

Introducing ‘Signals’: the first-of-its-kind Creator Listening and Business Intelligence engine designed to help marketers formulate strategies and make informed investment decisions.
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Tagger Media, the leading influencer marketing platform that guides brands, agencies and media companies in influencer discovery, campaign management, and measurement, today announced the wide release of their new creator listening and business intelligence engine, Signals.

A first-of-its-kind innovation, Signals is a multi-faceted data aggregation solution built to identify key marketing insights across influential social accounts for any moment in time. At its core, Signals is a business intelligence engine that allows marketers to understand trends in the Creator community. Users can quickly cut through the noise to understand how Creators are speaking about important topics and brands to help inform Influencer, and broader social campaign strategy.

Influencer Partnerships Manager at AWIN and Signals user Nicola Wellington said,“Signals by Tagger has been instrumental with regards to sourcing influencers for our brand campaigns. It has enabled us to efficiently scour the social landscape and identify upcoming trends, to nurture organic influencer-brand relationships, and to work with a vast range of quality content creators from niche and targeted sectors on successful influencer activations.”

A key differentiator of Signals is its ability to efficiently process complex queries about billions of historical data points by quickly identifying the most relevant social posts and Creators. It allows users to directly measure, filter, visualize and structure over 200 post-level reporting attributes from profile and post data, then build data visualizations that can ultimately fuel complex, strategic decision making.

“Within the multi-billion dollar influencer marketing space, brand marketers need technology that doesn’t just spit out information, but rather, allows them to build a strategy,” said Tagger Media’s Founder & President, Peter Kennedy. “We built Signals to be that connective tissue, helping marketers understand not only who the key creators and trends are in their industry, but also to monitor their competition and see what is or isn’t working for them. Signals goes way beyond the scope of current listening technology that just tells you who’s talking about what; we’re giving you a strategy to make informed business decisions.”

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