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Talkwalker’s Speech Analytics now drives more power

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Talkwalker, the leading enterprise listening company, today adds podcasts to the list of sources it covers. With its new Speech Analytics technology, Talkwalker is powering brands and agencies to analyze conversations from this new media type.

Brands now have full visibility over what is being said about them, thanks to a complete text, image, video, and speech analytics solution. With access to the realm of podcasts, brands can gather insights that were previously inaccessible to them to protect their brand and drive greater revenue.

Podcasts have grown impressively in the past 5 years, and according to Business Insider, this will be a billion-dollar industry by the end of 2021. For the US market, eMarketer estimates that the number of podcast listeners will increase 16.0% year-over-year (YoY). With more people tuning into this type of entertainment all around the world, brands must be able to monitor all organic and sponsored mentions to better protect themselves and have a holistic view of their campaigns.

“Given the rise in popularity of podcasts and other audio-based channels, Speech Analytics was the logical next step,” said Robert Glaesener, Talkwalker CEO. “As a major source of news and entertainment, podcasts hold an extensive amount of information that brands cannot ignore when looking to capture the voice of the customer.”

By including a catalog of 35,000 podcasts from a variety of platforms like Apple Podcasts, Talkwalker is opening the door to a vast world of conversations from which professionals can benefit, complementing the social listening capabilities they have today.

“With our proprietary speech-to-text recognition technology, professionals no longer need to manually sift through hundreds of hours of audio, but can find actionable insights from a variety of podcasts in a few seconds,” said Pierre Detry, Chief Product Officer at Talkwalker.

Speech Analytics is available to all Talkwalker clients within Quick Search and Analytics. For more information, visit our website.

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