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Tapcart Releases 2022 BFCM Peak Season Trend Report

Further insights: 65 percent of consumers intend to shop via mobile apps; inflation isn't stunting holiday spending; 44% of both Millennials and Gen X report excitement about BFCM.

Tapcart, a leading mobile commerce platform that enables Shopify-powered brands to launch mobile apps, today announced the release of its first-ever Black Friday Cyber Monday Peak Szn Trend Report.

The report is a product of a survey Tapcart conducted with 1,155 mobile shoppers. The report provides an accurate picture of the state of mobile commerce during Black Friday / Cyber Monday (known as BFCM) this year, accompanied by data-backed recommendations for merchants. The methodology of the survey involved recruiting shoppers of all generations, ethnicities, incomes, gender identities, relationship statuses, and education.

“There was a lot of speculation that last year’s holiday shopping season was only as successful as it was because of stimulus checks. Tapcart’s BFCM trend report eliminates those hypotheses with data-backed evidence revealing shoppers expect their budget to be the same if not higher than in 2021,” says Gabrielle Wooden, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Tapcart. “The goal of this trend report was to alleviate the guesswork and misconceptions around this year’s holiday shopping season. We wanted to offer merchants tangible evidence so they can go into 2022’s holiday season fully prepared,” Wooden adds.

Tapcart found that BFCM has the highest mobile app adoption rate of the year. With shoppers being more willing to download mobile apps during peak season, merchants have an opportunity to enhance their omnichannel marketing strategy. Survey results indicate that 65 percent of respondents plan to shop on mobile devices this holiday season, so merchants are well advised to invest in a mobile app and build an owned-marketing channel that targets high-interest customers.

The 2022 Peak Szn Trend Report details 8 trends around consumer BFCM shopping habits:

  1. Peak season transactions will flourish on mobile.
  2. Despite inflation, shoppers are ready to spend this holiday season.
  3. Shoppers are already planning their holiday purchases.
  4. There is a lot of stress and excitement about BFCM among shoppers.
  5. Shoppers admit to impulse buying.
  6. Gift-giving is the love language of shoppers.
  7. Shoppers are pretty ambivalent toward ads these days.
  8. Shoppers don’t have the patience for a slow or poorly designed mobile web experience.

For more information on the research methodology, additional insights, and to download the full report, visit

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