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TapClicks Acquires AdStage

Companies integrate campaign optimization and marketing operations solutions to deliver insights that empower actions
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TapClicks, the leading unified marketing platform for analytics, intelligence, reporting, workflow and orders management, today announced that it has acquired AdStage, a leading provider of marketing and advertising intelligence solutions for campaign optimization. Known for its cross-channel analytics and optimization platform, AdStage will be integrated into TapClicks’ family of brands, which includes Raven Tools, iSpionage, Megalytic, and StatX, to expand the marketing intelligence capabilities available to TapClicks’ customers.

TapClicks helps marketers from agencies, brands, franchises, media companies and HIPAA-covered entities to automate data management and operations so they can efficiently drive the highest ROI for the lowest cost. Its unified marketing platform, the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform, delivers unique data aggregation and ingestion capabilities from more than 4,600 sources and includes fully automated solutions for data warehousing, distribution, analytics and reporting. The platform also supports order and workflow management as well as competitive intelligence capabilities, delivering a full-stack omnichannel solution that rivals the capabilities of custom solutions with a significantly lower total cost of ownership martech news.

“TapClicks continues to invest in industry-leading capabilities to meet the quickly changing needs of our customers, particularly as the impact of COVID-19 reshapes the marketing landscape. AdStage’s marketing intelligence and campaign optimization solutions will help our customers immensely during this time by maximizing the value of their marketing spend,” said Babak Hedayati, CEO and founder of TapClicks. “We have seen tremendous demand for analytics and cross-channel optimization solutions. These capabilities from AdStage will be instrumental in achieving the TapClicks vision to offer a full spectrum of integrated solutions that use advanced AI and predictive capabilities to provide an actionable pathway to success.”

AdStage launched in 2012 as a suite of self-service solutions that accurately analyze and measure the impact of campaigns. With unique and powerful technology to quickly ingest cross-channel marketing data and normalize it automatically, users can instantly analyze their data without any custom setup and pull insights to optimize digital marketing at scale and accelerate ROI. With products like AdStage Report, which help users build analysis dashboards, and AdStage Automate, which allows users to build automation rules for campaign optimization, AdStage users can evaluate campaign performance against the broader industry and take meaningful action on data automatically. These capabilities offer critical support for marketers who need to maximize performance while balancing marketing spend.

“I’ve been involved with a number of M&A processes and, in contrast to many, our relationship with TapClicks is very organic. When we first met to discuss the possibility of joining forces, it was as if we had been working alongside each other for years,” said Sahil Jain, CEO and co-founder, AdStage. “We’re thrilled with this opportunity because TapClicks will be enabling AdStage to continue to innovate by enhancing our access to resources like machine learning technologies and predictive AI capabilities. Together, we have a shared vision to create the leading unified marketing platform in the industry.”

As AdStage is integrated into TapClicks’ family of brands, customers will gain the ability to leverage AdStage’s unique analytics and automated optimization solutions alongside the TapClicks Marketing Operations Platform. With more than 200 data integrations available through TapClicks, AdStage’s solutions will now offer unprecedented access to data-driven insights, recommendations, and forecasts to automatically inform marketing decision making. These solutions, in combination with the advanced AI and predictive modeling capabilities being developed by TapClicks, will unite marketing operations and intelligence so users can seamlessly turn data into insights, insights into action, and action into success.

In addition to acquiring AdStage’s technologies, TapClicks will integrate the entire AdStage team into the company. This includes AdStage’s co-founders, Sahil Jain, who will join TapClicks as General Manager, Marketing Intelligence, and Jason Wu, who will join the company as VP, Engineering, Marketing Intelligence. Jain will oversee the Marketing Intelligence business unit and Wu will provide engineering and innovation leadership for Marketing Intelligence products.

For more information on AdStage, please visit https://www.adstage.io/.

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