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Taradel Appoints New Advisory Board Through AdvisoryCloud

Taradel Appoints New Advisory Board Through AdvisoryCloud

Taradel, a web-based marketing company that helps small to mid-cap businesses create multichannel marketing campaigns, turned to AdvisoryCloud to find and hire four executive advisors who could help add value to its company, specifically in the areas of data management and digital marketing analytics.

Partnered with companies such as Staples, Canada Post, FedEx, and U.S. Post Service, Taradel provides branded turn-key solutions for their clients, making it simple to design, print, and send marketing materials to their target audience. Taradel also works with franchises like McDonald’s and Wingstop to create locally branded content to increase audience action in their area.

“After realizing that building an advisory board would increase my company’s growth tenfold, I turned to AdvisoryCloud as the best solution for finding advisors. The entire process was great, from getting help in planning meetings with my advisors to keeping track of the goals we set,” said Jim Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Taradel. “The advisors I found through AdvisoryCloud have really gone above and beyond my expectations. The concept behind AdvisoryCloud is smart, and I’ve already recommended AdvisoryCloud to a handful of peers looking for business advice and expert guidance.”

In addition to sourcing advisor candidates through the AdvisoryCloud platform, Taradel is utilizing AdvisoryCloud’s corporate advisory solution to receive assistance in scheduling and managing meetings, creating agendas, and setting deliverables for its advisory board. AdvisoryCloud’s corporate advisory solution handles the logistics and payments so Taradel can focus on working with its advisors on a strategic level.

“Companies on our platform like Taradel are proactively seeking advantages that can help their businesses succeed, and the greatest resource available to them is the knowledge of advisors,” said Jonathan Asapatore, founder and CEO of AdvisoryCloud. “We are thrilled to have connected Taradel with a team of highly-qualified advisors with the unique expertise to take this company to the next level.”

Introducing Taradel’s board of advisors:

  • Hung Vu – Chief Technology Officer, Ad Exchange Group
  • Rose Rippey – Owner and CEO, Catch Marketing Services
  • Darryl Chenoweth – President, Web Optimax
  • Margeaux Sullivan – Managing Director & Lead Consultant, Quest Complete Consulting

To learn more about Taradel, its team of advisors, and the AdvisoryCloud experience, read the case study here.

About Taradel

Serial entrepreneur Jim Fitzgerald founded Taradel in 2003 after successfully exiting two previous businesses. The company was named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Businesses consecutively for 11 years, an accomplishment only 22 companies nationwide have achieved. Taradel’s industry-leading technology, support team, and partnership with the USPS® provide all of the tools and creative firepower today’s marketer needs to easily and cost-effectively execute multichannel marketing campaigns quickly.

About AdvisoryCloud

AdvisoryCloud is the leading platform for advisors, providing executives with the resources, opportunities, and tools to monetize their knowledge as an advisor. With AdvisoryCloud, executives work with innovative companies, startups, and non-profits through any length of engagement from one-on-one phone meetings, to specific projects, to formal advisory board positions. Companies benefit from using AdvisoryCloud by getting the right advice at the right time from high-performing executives that can help grow their business.

Founded in 2012, AdvisoryCloud is a private company headquartered in Marin County, California with offices in Boise, Idaho and Orange County, California. For more information, visit, and join us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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