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TCN and Prodigal Announce Partnership


Prodigal, the pioneer of consumer finance intelligence, and TCN, the leading provider of cloud-based call center technology, announced a partnership today to dramatically improve consumer finance contact center efficiency and provide positive customer experiences.

Today’s collections call centers face various challenges, including hiring and retaining representatives, managing shifting regulatory requirements, meeting new consumer preferences, and rising financial delinquencies.

Both TCN and Prodigal are committed to using technology to address these issues, easing stress on representatives and benefiting consumers.

Together, TCN and Prodigal’s solutions streamline clumsy call center workflows to simplify dialing, offer customers self-payment options and omnichannel communications, coach agents to success, eliminate annoying administrative tasks by automating agent call notes, boost quality assurance and compliance adherence, and more.

These improvements allow agents to focus on customers and conversations, improving interactions and financial outcomes for everyone.

“We appreciate the easy integration between TCN and Prodigal, allowing us to focus on maximizing revenue cycle performance for our customers,” said Janett Carbajal, Director of Customer Service at Annuity Health.

The Wall Street Journal recently cited McKinsey and Co.’s finding that by 2030, 25% of the work done in US jobs could be automated. TCN and Prodigal are leading the way by using technology to support – not replace – agents working in call centers through the collections process.

“We continuously turn account intelligence into specific, actionable recommendations for consumer finance teams. This is a perfect match for TCN’s commitment to improving the call center experience from the inside out,” said Shantanu Gangal, Prodigal’s CEO and co-founder.

Uniting TCN’s advanced contact center platform, TCN Operator, with Prodigal’s skilled focus on improving consumer finance communications delivers benefits to clients and customers alike.

“TCN is founded on technological innovation and customer service,” said Bryce Payne, VP of business development at TCN. “We are thrilled with our ongoing partnership with Prodigal, a company that exemplifies these values to benefit both customers and professionals while bettering the industry one collection at a time.”

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