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Tealium unveils new solutions

The new real-time-driven solutions enable enterprises to remain agile and outperform business objectives amid ever-evolving market shifts

Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), today announced new solutions that allow enterprises to deliver enhanced in-the-moment experiences for customers, including Tealium for AI, Tealium Moments, Tealium’s Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) Partner Ecosystem, and Tealium Consent Orchestration.

To remain agile and competitive in today’s dynamic environment, businesses must invest in a thoughtful customer data strategy. Enterprises that are proactive about data collection, enrichment, filtering, and activation are better equipped to keep up in an accelerating AI and machine learning-driven world, according to Tealium’s 2024 State of the CDP report. While many models and algorithms will become commoditized, the true differentiation for companies is the quality of their customer data.

“Customer data can be an organization’s most valuable asset, but untrusted, ungoverned data is a liability – especially for AI models,” said Bob Page, Chief Product Officer, at Tealium. “Many AI initiatives are moving slowly because teams cannot access consented and accurate data for model training. Our new solutions start with consented data to deliver in-the-moment experiences and inform AI and machine learning models – so it can be acted on.”

Tealium and the new compliance-backed solutions provide a single platform to manage customer data processes at scale with safeguards. The new features include:

Tealium for AI: Equips teams with consented, filtered, and enriched data in real-time for AI models and data activation.

Tealium Moments: Collects, processes, and activates customer data in real-time and leverages zero-party and first-party data to own the moments that matter.

Tealium’s CDW Partner Ecosystem: Improves customer experiences by scaling the value of AI, Customer 360, Analytics, and other data initiatives housed in your CDW.

Tealium Consent Orchestration: Simplifies and streamlines the process of consented data collection and activation. Ensures consent is shared downstream to lessen compliance risk across the organization.

Andrew Marvin, Digital Developer at Crocs, a Tealium customer, says, “As a developer driving our organization’s marketing and analytics, Tealium is my cornerstone for constructing and sustaining intricate vendor integrations, ensuring privacy compliance, consent governance, and facilitating real-time data delivery across our diverse sites and brands. The transition to Tealium has notably elevated our operational efficiency.”

Learn more about Tealium’s new solutions. To keep up with the latest company news, visit Tealium’s Newsroom.

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