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Tealium’s Digital Velocity Summit returns

Company says organizations need to act swiftly to build a solid data foundation and foster trusted customer experiences

Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), is hosting its annual Digital Velocity (DV) Summit virtually from May 9-11, highlighting how enterprise leaders should future-proof their business in today’s transitional market. Sponsored by AWS and Meta and kicked off by social media influencer and comedian Corporate Natalie, this year’s summit will drive thousands of attendees to four dynamic sessions over three days, hosting critical conversations on how to position for success and prepare for a dynamic future.

“With major industry and economic shifts like signal loss, data breaches, and strengthening privacy regulations, the future remains unpredictable. That is exactly why companies need to act now,” said Jeff Lunsford, CEO at Tealium. “This year, Tealium is proud to amplify these critical conversations with industry leaders about future-proofing your business.”

In 2013, Tealium launched the first-ever CDP with the mission of creating a secure, compliant global platform that helps companies improve customer data actionability and value. Now, Tealium processes more than nine billion events per day, supporting more than 850 global enterprises to provide the most trusted experiences for their customers.

Lunsford continues, “For Tealium, trust is the floor, not the ceiling. With lawsuits and fines soaring against companies for mishandling customer data, if you are not taking steps now to build a lasting formula that balances regulatory compliance and customer trust, you are already behind. DV this year will showcase success stories from industry waymakers in this regard, and we are excited to scale that value for others.”

One DV session in particular highlights a solution from Wheelhouse DMG who partnered with healthcare systems to create a HIPAA-compliant data solution that leverages Tealium. This first-of-its-kind architecture positions healthcare marketers and analysts to forge ahead with confidence in an industry where others are halting marketing initiatives altogether.

“This solution enables a relevant, high-quality user experience while protecting consumer data within a system that maintains HIPAA compliance,” said Laura Chase, an 18-year web analytics veteran with deep expertise in healthcare. “This type of implementation allows organizations to fully control their website data, anonymize and scrub that data, send it through Tealium, and out to activation channels that improve the consumer experience. I am not aware of anything else like it in the market.”

Tealium has undergone independent third-party audits to validate the Private Cloud offering is compliant with the security and privacy requirements under the HIPAA HITECH Act. Tealium has also achieved a pedigree of third-party security and privacy certifications including ISO 27001 & 27018, Privacy Shield, and SSAE18 SOC 2 Type I & II.

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