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Technology Companies Adwerx & ActivePipe Create Innovative Integration for Realtors

Integration Will Allow Real Estate Agents to Better Leverage Their Database for Sales
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Adwerx, a leading provider of localized digital advertising, is now integrated with ActivePipe, an advanced drip email marketing solution offering valuable customer insights to real estate professionals. The integration is making it easy for real estate agents to automate time-consuming data entry processes and run targeted digital advertising campaigns.

Through the Automated Listing Advertising Program, Adwerx provides real estate listing ads that launch when a property is publicly listed. These ads appear on the websites and mobile apps that consumers visit most and are targeted by location and lifestyle. ActivePipe allows real estate agents to identify the best prospects for a property, empowering agents to nurture contacts and build trust through a range of digital products. Their suite of products allows users to build one-off emails or automated drip campaigns that can incorporate properties, blog posts, videos, and a call to action.

The Adwerx and ActivePipe collaboration will further empower agents currently using sphere of influence advertising. When integrated with ActivePipe to receive emails from open houses, listing presentations, and other events, emails will include the Adwerx QuickAdder™ from their sphere campaign and will be automatically added to the agent’s sphere, bypassing manual entry.

“I’ve loved using Adwerx and ActivePipe. They’ve both recently been introduced at our office and I’ve never looked back. I regularly receive positive feedback on our emails, their appearance, professionalism, etc. and I get at least one screenshot a day from someone who’s seen my Adwerx ad online while reading the news,” said Haley Urquhart, a REALTOR® Associate with Greenwood King Properties.

Both companies are actively working to automate advanced digital marketing campaign processes to help users coordinate messages across channels and build a seamless customer experience. As more and more people spend their days switching between their laptops and mobile devices, designing campaigns to reach consumers in multiple spaces is becoming increasingly important. Additionally, research suggests that people are 22% more likely to purchase when they experience digital ads and open an email from the same brand.

This integration will provide predictive analytics to help identify who in a CRM is most likely to become an active client, and enable agents to focus on providing superior service to home buyers and sellers. Adwerx has previously integrated with other transaction management providers, including Dotloop and SkySlope. For more information about Adwerx’s services, please visit enterprise.adwerx.com.

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