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TechSee Partners With NeuraFlash

The partnership stems from an initiative with an electronics multinational to deploy virtual sales agents on retail locations, instantly connecting customers to representatives via AI-based visual engagement.

TechSee, the market leader in Computer Vision solutions for customer service, today announced a partnership with NeuraFlash with the goal of bringing the next generation of visual engagement and AI-powered service automation to their existing top-tier consulting & ISV service business. NeuraFlash is a leading System Integrator (SI) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that develops solutions for Salesforce and Amazon Connect customers. This joint venture now brings augmented reality guidance for agents and technicians to NeuraFlash’s customer portfolio.

NeuraFlash, using TechSee’s Computer Vision AI and AR, is able to provide organizations across any industry with the knowledge and confidence to enable service reps and technicians to use the power of vision to reduce friction along the customer engagement lifecycle. As a result of this partnership, organizations will now be able to share expert information and deliver visual CX as a part of their digital transformation strategy.

With their decades of expertise with CX technologies, visual computing, Augmented Reality, and Big Data, this joint offering provides automated AR-guided resolutions to major problems facing business owners. TechSee’s automation platform, paired with NeuraFlash’s expertise in both Salesforce and Amazon Connect solutions, creates enhanced CX outcomes that are unmatched in the marketplace.

NeuraFlash and TechSee together can tailor these solutions based on a brand’s business objectives. This partnership will help customers supercharge their mission-critical field and contact center performance objectives through visual communications, guidance, and automation.

With custom integrations to existing Salesforce and Amazon Connect platforms, agents now have a new way of visually engaging with their customers, without the need to install or download a new program or application.

“NeuraFlash is very excited to be partnering with TechSee. Over the last five years, we have deployed industry-leading implementations of Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service. As we build our partnership around VRA with Salesforce and the TechSee platform, this is a great extension to the Salesforce solutions we have delivered.” said Michael McBrien, VP of Alliances at NeuraFlash. He added, “NeuraFlash has built its foundation in automation with Einstein Bots, and we are looking forward to leveraging that with TechSee and their Visual Automation offerings.”

The partnership is a result of NeuraFlash’s customer initiatives between a multinational electronics company, Salesforce and TechSee.  The company deployed sales agents virtually inside retail locations with a feature that instantly connects a potential customer to an expert representative via AI-based visual engagement.  The electronics giant is now offering an exciting new experience that is expanding revenue streams, reducing friction, and improving customer engagement, implemented by NeuraFlash, and built using Salesforce and TechSee technologies.

Paul Fistori, Global VP of Alliances at TechSee said: “We could not be more thrilled to partner with one of Salesforce’s premier SIs and ISVs. By combining the power of TechSee’s visual AI and AR with NeuraFlash’s unsurpassed Salesforce integration expertise, we will be able to jointly  deliver on the future of visual customer engagements.”

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