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Teikametrics announced Agency Edition

Agency Edition Offers Nested Accounts that Can Be Organized By Client With Expanded Business Intelligence for Customized Reporting

Teikametrics, the leading AI-powered Marketplace Optimization Platform with over $1B+ in annual ad sales optimized, is thrilled to introduce Agency Edition within its Flywheel 2.0 platform. With Agency Edition, agencies can organize their advertising optimization and inventory experience for their sellers the same way they organize their business: by client.

Agency Edition includes the following functionality:

  • Nested Accounts without Compromising Client Data: Agency customers will be able to create sub-accounts for their clients to gate access and reporting features. Importantly, agencies will be able to bring their clients directly into Flywheel without compromising data security.
  • Expanded Business Intelligence: It allows the agencies to create reports through multiple custom options. It also gives users the ability to create and download directly from Flywheel for their internal and external use per merchant.
  • On-Demand Keyword Creation and Recommendation: Agencies can proactively add their own keywords and negative keywords directly through Flywheel. They also have the option to utilize Chat GPT to surface Keywords without having to wait for conversions.

“Agencies are among Teikametrics’ most innovative users,” said Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO of Teikametrics. “With diverse experience across a variety of brands, they push our software to deliver consistently great results for their clients. We’re excited to continue to support agencies with the launch of Agency Edition, offering them customized, client-specific reporting and account management.”

“A core focus of ours at Code3 is continued innovation and that means partnering with industry leading technology providers,” said Grey Wolny, Chief Activation Officer at Code3. “Every year we have a task force that evaluates the solutions in-market and tests them regularly. This year our testing lined up with Teikametrics’ exploring an agency program, it was perfect timing for us. Teikametrics’ commitment to advancing their platform and focusing on what matters to our clients and the changes we’re seeing across platforms, aligns directly with our efforts to bring our clients world class strategy and service. We feel that our partnership with Teikametrics will allow us to advance our approach to winning in retail media and have us out front in terms of our use of technology.”

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