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Televerde unveils Groundbreaking Whitepaper


Televerde, a global revenue creation partner supporting marketing, sales, and customer success for B2B businesses worldwide, today announced the release of its much-anticipated whitepaper titled “CMOs & Chief DE&I Officers: Joined at the Hip for a DE&I Revolution.” Authored by Televerde’s Head of Global Marketing Kellie Walenciak, the whitepaper critically examines the pivotal role Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) can play in spearheading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives within the corporate sector, especially at a time when many companies are retracting their commitments due to influences in the political and judicial spheres coupled with a lack of understanding on how to implement DE&I strategies effectively.

Drawing from decades of experience spanning marketing, communications, and employee engagement in various industries, Walenciak shares deep insights into the complex landscape of biases and the pressing need for inclusivity in the corporate world. This whitepaper is significantly shaped by her transformative experience at Televerde, a company that stands as an example of genuine commitment to fostering a workplace where diversity is not just welcomed but actively celebrated and leveraged for organizational growth.

“The depth of understanding and the convictions I now hold about DE&I have been profoundly influenced by my time at Televerde,” explained Walenciak. “This experience has not only deepened my comprehension of the critical importance of DE&I but has also allowed me to witness firsthand the harsh realities of societal judgments that restrict opportunities based on a myriad of factors, extending beyond gender to include criminal records, ethnicity, sexual orientation, educational background, and employment history. To see companies begin to pull back from DE&I at this juncture is both ethically disconcerting and strategically misguided.”

In this whitepaper, Walenciak invites readers to explore the transformative potential of genuine inclusivity, offering a fresh perspective on DE&I, informed by success stories and lessons learned from businesses across industries. She underscores the belief that for DE&I initiatives to flourish genuinely, they must be seamlessly integrated into the fabric of a company, becoming a vital part of its public persona and operational ethos.

Highlights from the Whitepaper:

  • The Present State of DE&I in Corporate America: An analysis of the current landscape, highlighting the initial momentum and the subsequent slowdown in DE&I initiatives.
  • The Repercussions of the Supreme Court’s Stance on Affirmative Action: A look at the historical context of DE&I and its evolution.
  • Building the Business Case for DE&I: Making a compelling case for integrating DE&I into the business strategy, transcending mere compliance to incorporate DE&I as a core part of the brand.
  • The Pivotal Role of CMOs in Advocating DE&I: Unveiling the potential of CMOs in being the torchbearers for DE&I initiatives, aligning them with the brand’s core values and messaging.
  • Successful DE&I Strategies Led by Marketing: Showcasing examples of successful marketing-led DE&I initiatives and the lessons to be learned from them.
  • Insights Gleaned from These Case Studies: A deeper analysis of real-world case studies to derive actionable insights and strategies.
  • Bridging the Divide: Making a case for a more potent synergy between marketing leadership and DE&I initiatives.
  • Looking Forward: The Future of DE&I in 2024 and Beyond: Projecting the future trajectory of DE&I and the role of CMOs in helping to shape it.

The whitepaper serves as a blueprint for organizations seeking to revitalize their DE&I strategies, offering a fresh perspective and a roadmap to creating a lasting and meaningful impact. It advocates for a shift from treating DE&I as a superficial requirement to embodying it as an essential part of the brand story and a genuine reflection of a company’s core values and philosophy.

“We find ourselves at a critical stage where the need for authentic and sustainable DE&I strategies is more pressing than ever,” added Walenciak. “Through this whitepaper, we aim to start a conversation that sparks actionable change, with CMOs at the forefront, helping to guide organizations towards a more inclusive future.”

The “CMOs & Chief DE&I Officers: Joined at the Hip for a DE&I Revolution” whitepaper is now available on the Televerde website.

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