Terralogic & Aparavi Partner to Enhance Data Management

dmp data management platform

Terralogic Software Solutions Inc. and Aparavi partners to help customers minimize data complexity, and data footprint by 6-46%, lower cost by 8-40%, giving customers value-based data effectively mitigating risk management.

Through this partnership with Aparavi’s Data Intelligence & Automation, two organizations will help their clients by providing services that transform and consolidate distributed data on a global scale. Terralogic ensures the framework and remains relevant to business goals and purposes.

The digital revolution continues to impact the financial industry, Terralogic understands that their networks and security needs have to be securely digital-driven as well. Therefore, Terralogic’s security framework enables a single management platform to monitor, manage and oversee solutions across the entire distributed network which is time efficient and less labor-intensive. To maximize benefits and value of their data, businesses are urged to simplify the complexity of data management.

As the official partner with Aparavi, Terralogic will work alongside with Aparavi to deliver exclusive data management and unique resolution to customer demand. Terralogic believes the effective way to stay in compliance is to approach data management in a comprehensive and holistic way. By prioritizing data governance strategy and value-based data, our mission is to help businesses cut down data burden and gain better analytical performance.

“With the growing sophisticated cyber-attacks over the years, it becomes absolutely imperative for organizations to know and protect their Data. Organizations need to have a view of their more critical information residing over Cloud, Data Centers, Email & Endpoints,” says Sandeep Vijayaraghavan, Vice President of Cybersecurity & IT Services at Terralogic. 

“The Aparavi platform enables Terralogic to offer multiple data services to our customers with deep data intelligence to discover, classify, optimize and exploit distributed data across the enterprise to aid our customers in mitigating data risk, reducing and avoiding cost and ultimately gain competitive advantage by knowing their data,” added Vijayaraghavan.

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