TextUs Announces Release of Embedded Messenger

Leading conversational texting platform brings one of a kind, embedded SMS messenger to market to empower enterprise software companies to give customer bases a seamless, integrated messaging solution.

TextUs, the leading conversational texting platform has announced the release of its embedded messenger, for CRMs, ATSs and enterprise SaaS companies to integrate two-way texting into their existing product suite.

Since 2013, TextUs has been an industry leader in conversational and campaign business text messaging.  The Denver-based software company has seen steady growth since its inception and has solidified its place in the SMS space by becoming the texting provider of choice for thousands of businesses across a multitude of industries.  As enterprise software solutions look to rapidly add value for their customers in an ever-competitive market, the demand for integrated messaging capabilities has grown. To meet this demand, TextUs is launching a unique offering in the marketplace which allows software companies to leverage its industry-leading text messaging capabilities and embed them directly into their own platforms.  This one-of-a-kind embedded messenger enables enterprise software solutions to embed a conversational SMS window into their platform, allowing text messaging to become a seamless extension of their software suite, thus adding value to their current product offering and better serving the needs of their customers.

TextUs has seen tremendous success with this offering in major ATS players such as Bullhorn and TalentReef.  Additionally, it has built integrations that include the embedded messenger offering to major CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce.  Given the success of the embedded messenger in these applications, TextUs is making the offering available to other software companies who wish to leverage a native SMS capability within their platform and want to rely on the expertise of a proven leader in the text messaging space to execute their vision.  And as with all new and current TextUs customers, embedded messenger partners will be registered for 10DLC to ensure compliance.

As SMS has become the communication tool of choice for many businesses, TextUs has seen adoption of the medium expand.  In TextUs’ latest State of Texting report, they found text messaging to be the leading communication channel among those surveyed, outpacing email and phone by large margins.  Over 50% indicated text messaging was the most effective way to communicate in their business workflows.  Additionally, 62% of users indicate they are using text messaging multiple times per day.  The embedded messenger will serve unique business needs for software companies whose customers demand a real-time messaging solution.

“We are excited to introduce our embedded messenger to our growing list of partners,” says Matt Rausenberger, VP of Channel Sales & Partnerships at TextUs.  “With this product, we are making it easy for our software partners to embed and white label our industry-leading text messaging directly into their platform, creating a native user experience for their customers,” he adds.

TextUs encourages SaaS providers to contact their partner team to learn more about the embedded messenger offering and identify how best to integrate texting into existing software platforms.  To contact the TextUs team, please visit:

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