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The Brains Discuss Dangerous 270% increase in AI Content

Digital Marketing

Data sourced by The Brains Digital Marketing has revealed that the demand and interest in AI content has increased significantly in a short period of time. In fact, the digital marketing agency found a  270% increase in searches relating to AI content from February to August 2022. It’s likely this trajectory will only increase over time – but what does this mean for content, SEO and Google penalties?

A remarkable 82% of marketers apparently say that AI-generated content is as good as content written by a human. The many AI tools currently on the market would certainly have us believe this, and the appeal for the average business is understandable – writing regular, quality content is time-consuming and demanding, but with AI, businesses can churn out massive amounts of content in little to no time. And while marketers themselves claim not to see the difference between AI written content and bespoke material written by a specialist, can Google? And is it worth the cost?

The reality is, Google has definitively stated that AI generated content is against its Webmaster Guidelines. Such automatically generated content, regardless of the tools used to create it, is considered spam, resulting in a manual penalty. But what are the odds of actually getting caught? While it might be true that Google isn’t (yet) sophisticated enough to reliably differentiate between human-written material and AI content, if Google’s webspam team does find it, they are authorised to take action. This could result in a drop in rankings.

Speaking of content AI, Victoria Smith, SEO Strategist at The Brains, says:

“With the importance of SEO content becoming more recognised and the SERPs becoming more competitive than ever, businesses are turning to AI content generators to increase their content output. New AI content companies are pushing their products with aggressive marketing campaigns promising SEO optimised articles that will dominate search rankings. But is this true and what does Google think of all this? In actual fact, Google themselves have categorically stated that any content found to be AI-generated will be flagged as spam and result in a manual penalty against any site that publishes it. And Google is pretty good at recognising this type of content. So to anyone planning to use an AI content generation tool, proceed with caution! And expect to do a lot of manual editing to pass under the radar!.”

  • Victoria Smith, SEO Strategist at The Brains

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