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The Brandon Sun extends its digital marketing capabilities by partnering with HoneyBadger

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The well-known venue for prints, The Brandon Sun has now delved into a new ad channel by entering into a new martech, marketing firm partnership. the martech news community reports that this new partnership with HoneyBadger, the international digital marketing agency will allow the Brandon Sun to now offer help to the small and medium-sized businesses locally in the form of digital marketing,

With this new alliance, the ad firm will be seen gaining the capability to offer aid to the local businesses with developing and maintaining websites, place ads through Google, organizing social media campaigns, and also to ensure that the business is placed prominently in search engine results and pages.

The sun and HoneyBadger together will even be able to develop an eCommerce platform for the businesses that want to sell their goods online, using Shopify.

The sales representatives of the Brandon Sun have spent a number of weeks learning about the system of HoneyBadger and how exactly it works.

Whenever any business contacts a member of the sales team of the Brandon Sun, they will be capable of identifying the digital needs of that particular business, while giving them an estimated price and outlining the process as well as connect them with a member of the team of HoneyBadger for getting the project off the ground and getting the work started on the initial creative processes.

Even though this digital alliance between the Brandon Sun and HoneyBadger is new, this won’t be the first time that the two companies have collaborated together. The former corporate identity of HoneyBadger, NRS Media, eight years ago used to help the Brandon Sun in assembling the advertising flyers.

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