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The Importance of Intranet Software in Marketing

iot marketing

Implementing an effective intranet software system includes numerous internal departments and one of the most important departments is the marketing department. Your marketing team is responsible for the website of your company and optimizing sales, so ideally they should have some input into your intranet system, as they are well-versed in organizing and displaying information in an eye-catching manner that provokes a reaction martech news.

Marketing professionals spend their day drawing methods to promote your products to customers, so having an intranet that promotes the goals of your company to employees is equally important. 

Intranet and social networking

One task of your marketing team is social networking, thus, getting their input on social collaboration tools in your intranet is useful. They understand the power of social networking and collaboration and will most likely have ideas on how to engage other employees via social platforms. Having social collaboration on your intranet can involve an option for brainstorming sessions for new business ideas, for example. An efficient intranet will also drive and grow the culture of the company and educate employees on new initiatives. Getting your employees involved socially on the intranet is always a massive bonus.

Leadership involvement

Marketers understand the importance of influence, such as having popular brand spokesmen endorsing and using a product to attract customers and the same ethos can be engineered for corporate leaders. Influence employees by how the managers and executives utilize and endos your corporate intranet. The marketing professional can assist you in encouraging executives to collaborate with and empower employees through the intranet. This can also demystify the executives by showing how leaders are also employees like everyone else. Your marketing intranet should be a gateway for employees to have a channel of communication with organizational leaders.

Benefits of marketing departments

The marketing teams require inputs from many sources internal such as management and peers and external to carry out their duties properly . The intranet boosts business procedures related to marketing, including approval for marketing collateral. Additionally, being able to access information quickly and while on the road are advantages too.

Deliver the right message to your target market

Marketing professionals need different types of information to function effectively. The executives of the company provide direction and vision, the customers have requirements and demands which must be fulfilled and peers can provide an insight into what appeals of the market and which approaches work.

Viewpoints from employees in other departments can assist in designing creative marketing strategies. An active and well-structured intranet should enable marketers to access all these sources of information and knowledge. Apart from capturing the information, the intranet will archive it so that future marketing professionals will be able to benefit from the accumulated knowledge too. 

Marketing can be more timely

Marketing professionals need to be aware of developments in their industry and in related industries as they happen. It a promotional or marketing opportunity arises, marketing automation, marketing teams need to implement a campaign quickly. With live feeds from external sources on your organizations’ intranet, the marketing team can be up-to-date with any developments. The intranet can also help by making approvals for new campaigns.

Intranet application for marketing

The intranet can include specific applications to directly contribute to the marketing work of the company. A folder application can house much vital information including marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and white papers, up-to-date product descriptions, and prices, presentation documents, including PowerPoint slides, the results of a survey, iot marketing, market research, and analysis, monitoring results and evaluation reports.

Introduce a photo album

The marketing team will profit from the utilization of a photo album, which can store approved logos, images and color swatches, for example. The intranet empowers the marketers to share creative images and get approval for them. Photographs can be uploaded of products and images as motivation for upcoming marketing campaigns. Marketing professionals can share photos of customers using the company’s products; displays of products in retail stores; billboards or even images of campaigns the competitors of your company are running to keep abreast of the competition.

Database application

Afford your marketing professionals the opportunity to keep contacts’ information for leads, stakeholders, and vendors on the intranet for easy access.

Add a discussion forum

A discussion forum will enormously benefit any marketing department, as it permits them to get useful feedback on proposed marketing ideas and draft designs. It also permits for brainstorming new ideas and campaigns. Other employees can be encouraged to offer input on problem-solving strategies and conquering purchasing obstacles.

Keep staff informed with status updates

Every employee can be kept up-to-date with present marketing efforts including any promotion on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so they can support it and be kept aware of its progress. Employees can be kept in touch with organizational milestones and marketing events to offer their input.

Post feedback from customers

The marketing team will be able to post feedback from clients they can also compile and respond to frequently asked questions from current and prospective customers so that each employee has an insight into what is required to keep customers satisfied.


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