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The launch of the ‘Next Wave’

launch of the ‘Next Wave’

The Trade Desk, the demand-side platform has launched what it feels is the most significant product launch in its history. Aptly, it has named the launch as ‘Next Wave.’

It includes a new layer of AI known as Koa. The California-based company, Ventura opines that Koa offers more insights in comparison to the earlier AI implementation. Megagon is the name of the new user interface that presents these insights.

According to Kathleen Comer, the VP of Client Services feels that the Trade Desk Planner is the vital addition. They intend to simplify the planning and purchasing of ads by using first-party data.

Let us see how the planner works. Consider this example. Nike uploads all data relating to customers that have bought shoes from them. This Planner can create lookalike audiences having similar attributes to real customers

What do you do with it? Creating lookalike audiences is a widespread technique to find potential customers that resemble real customers. You can also refer to this seed group of customers as a targeted segment of third-party data. Naturally, the original customers belong to a higher quality pool.

The Planning tool allows the creation of an actual campaign from the lookalike data. It then launches it across various channels that include digital video, display ads, connected TVs, and so on.

According to Comer, it is a contrast to the traditional Excel spreadsheet-based planning that agency team uses. A meeting with the execution team is the next step where they hand it off to them. Also, Trade Desk now offers a Koa-driven recommendations engine and provides insights that you can immediately act upon to produce the results.

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