The Mars Agency announces strategic partnership Analytic Index

The Mars Agency

The Mars Agency, an industry leader in connected commerce, today announced a new strategic partnership with Analytic Index, a next-generation data platform, that is intended to bring new and unprecedented levels of data and commerce intelligence to Mars’ proprietary martech platform, Marilyn®.

The partnership brings together The Mars Agency’s leadership and unrivaled success in helping brand clients drive growth through connected commerce experiences with Analytic Index’s highly differentiated retail search and digital shelf intelligence platform.

The powerful combination of Marilyn® and Analytic Index will enable Mars to deliver unmatched actionable insights to clients across multiple ecommerce environments.

The partnership expands and enhances the robust suite of shopper insights, retailer intelligence and performance measurement tools that The Mars Agency already provides to clients through Marilyn®. The pact is the latest example of the agency’s ongoing commitment to lead the industry in data intelligence and actionable insights through the continuous advancement of Marilyn‘s capabilities.

“Ecommerce and retail media are critical aspects of the connected commerce landscape, and our practices in those areas are already best in class,” says Rob Rivenburgh, CEO of The Mars Agency. “Now, combining Analytic Index’s retail search and media knowledge with Marilyn‘s shopper insights and performance data will enable our clients to make even better decisions, create more connected experiences and drive even stronger results.”

In only two years, Analytic Index has become a critical technology solution for many of the world’s largest brands and agencies by providing unique insights into the digital media activity taking place on Amazon, Walmart, Target and Kroger. The company will soon extend its Amazon coverage into Europe and Canada and expand its U.S. purview to track Albertsons, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Best Buy and Chewy.

The company was co-founded by Nathan Rigby and Mike Karlsven, the team that previously launched and operated One Click Retail, a pioneer in the measurement of Amazon sales and market share. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Mike and Nathan, two proven innovators in the ecommerce and data intelligence space,” says Rivenburgh.

“We’re excited to be building a more strategic relationship with The Mars Agency, which has already been a great partner for us,” says Rigby. “Their experience and expertise will help us become an even more trusted source for reliable data and next-generation technology for the global commerce ecosystem.”

The partners will continue to serve clients independently while also joining forces as needed to deliver an unmatched set of insights on connected commerce.

The Mars Agency is an award-winning, independently owned, global commerce marketing practice. With talent around the world, they connect people, technology and intelligence to create demand and drive profitable, sustainable growth. Mars’ industry leading martech platform, Marilyn®, enables marketers to make better decisions, create connected experiences and drive stronger results. Learn more at and

Analytic Index is a next-generation data platform that empowers brands and agencies to measure and optimize retail media and organic search across online retailers. These actionable insights empower vendors to accelerate sales and profitability through benchmarking performance, improving organic and paid search effectiveness, and measuring overall impact and returns on investment. Analytic Index provides holistic insights across all departments, relevant keywords, and performance items making it an ideal competitive intelligence tool. Learn more at

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