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The Maskie Hires Digital Marketing Agency GR0

This cross-coast partnership will help broaden awareness of ingenious new face mask.
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Designer of the hybrid face mask and scrunchie, The Maskie, have officially partnered with digital marketing agency GR0 to promote their innovative product. The Maskie and GR0 are based in Union, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California respectively, bringing together west coast technology and SEO awareness with east coast design. Just as The Maskie is designed to assist customers by providing the functionality of a mask when you need it and the style of a scrunchie when you don’t, GR0 will offer both the ins and outs of navigating search engines and providing stylish, professional content to help bolster The Maskie’s image.

Launched last year, The Maskie is a hybrid scrunchie and fabric face mask that is easily adjustable and configured for various uses. It is comprised of 95% breathable Rayon fabric and 5% expandable spandex, offering the full protection and needed airflow of any facemask, accompanied with comfort and flexibility. With this partnership, The Maskie is looking to continue broadening their online reach and awareness around their highly-functional product as the CDC advises individuals vaccinated against Covid-19 to continue wearing masks in public.

Currently, The Maskie is available in discounted bundles from their own website in black, white, grey, navy, and sage, as well as subdued tie-dye variants in pink, black, blue, and sage. These products are one size fits all and can be washed by hand for safe and sustained reuse, and are currently patent-pending.

GR0, a remotely-operated and independently-owned digital marketing agency specializes in search engine optimization and elevating the Google rankings of its clients. Founded by Kevin Miller and Jon Zacharias, this firm has grown to employ over 30 highly-talented individuals who work to empower clients and help businesses deliver both value and joy to their customers.

Both GR0 and The Maskie work to enhance the experiences of their customers beyond just functionality, and improve the quality, style, and enjoyment users get from them. Together, this partnership will utilize GR0’s expertise to bring the stylish and innovative Maskie to more audiences across the United States, and encourage safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

New Jersey-based, The Maskie crafts high quality and attractive masks with the most comfortable materials. With an emphasis on functionality and fashion sensibility, our masks are well suited for any occasion or outfit. Additional information is available at, on Instagram, @themaskie, YouTube, and Facebook.

GR0 works to improve online rankings for brands on Google, while also providing joy and value to customers through content marketing. Based in Los Angeles, this independently-operated firm works with dozens of brands to comprehensively improve their online image from top to bottom. Those curious to learn more can visit, as well as their LinkedIn, or @Gr0Agency on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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