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The New Era of Dynamic Marketing Is Here

Mathew Berger from Tealium paints us a vivid picture of the upcoming era of Dynamic Marketing and how you can reflect on data to create amazing Customer Experiences.
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Customer experience is the new battleground, and marketers are on the frontlines.

But the rules of engagement are constantly changing. In order to adapt, CMOs need to adopt a new set of strategies around data that will enable a Dynamic Marketing approach.

Whether you’re a retailer facing the prospect of a virtual holiday shopping season, a healthcare company facing increased customer engagement and concerns, or a B2B company trying to meet the needs of a diverse customer base in trying times, this year has forced everyone to re-evaluate their digital transformation and the way they’re using data to deliver a stellar customer experience.

We’ve laid out the five key principles to Dynamic Marketing in our latest playbook, “The New Era of Dynamic Marketing: 5 Principles for Creating Meaningful Customer Experiences Based on Data” to help you turn noise into insights, data points into a picture of clarity. It’s through data that you’re able to connect to your customer and understand them in every channel. It’s through data that marketing teams will be able to adapt to the challenges of selling today and tomorrow.

Adapt and Thrive: Marketing in a Dynamic Environment

Why is adaptation so important for marketers right now? Marketers are facing a growing list of challenges to overcome: GDPR, CCPA, ITP, third-party cookie loss, Covid-19, changing consumer habits, and more. It’s enough to add a new verse to “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

Buyers are more than willing to pay for the best customer experience, but doing so means keeping up with all of the habitual, regulatory, and technological changes that impact the customer experience

That’s why we’re introducing the strategy known as Dynamic Marketing. Dynamic Marketing is a way to move from the blunt instruments of mass digital or disconnected, channel-based experiences to relevant and real-time experiences based on unified data. Dynamic Marketing is the belief that to innovate, you need to understand your customers through data, to be tuned in to their needs right now.

Dynamic Marketing is not a magic bullet, instead it is a reflection of the way your buyers already engage with your brand.

Today’s omnichannel consumers are tuned into all of the ways they can connect with your brand, but are your data and your teams tuned into them in the same way to create a consistent experience?

The 5 Principles of Dynamic Marketing

Dynamic Marketing requires marketing teams to have Trusted and Unified data Now to deliver personalized experiences Everywhere to Delight the customer. That’s right: you need to be TUNED in to your customers.

Each of these principles require a combination of the right technology, the right skilled workers, and the right strategic approach to pull off on their own. But when you look at them as a unified strategy through the lens of Dynamic Marketing, what you’ll find is a vision for creating the strong customer data foundation that will enable everything from a single view of the customer to real-time personalization and machine learning insights to executing marketing campaigns according to consumer consent preferences.

After you’ve explored the five principles to get TUNED in to your customers, we’re breaking down the six data management practices every CMO needs to empower their teams to master. These critical skills are the backbone for a data-driven marketing organization and make Dynamic Marketing a reality.

We didn’t start the fire(s), but if you download this executive playbook, you’ll see how to harness the fires of change to power your digital transformation and deliver a customer experience that drives better engagement and sales.

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Matthew Berger, Content Creator & Strategist, Tealium
Matthew Berger is a content strategist and creator with years of experience helping B2B and B2C companies tell their brand’s stories in every form.

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