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The OHZONE’s B2B Tech Democratizes Virtual Fashion

The B2B fashion technology company, The OHZONE, makes a timely debut, democratizing virtual fashion in the era of the novel coronavirus. The OHZONE offers turnkey 3DREAL™ digitization services and instant virtual showrooms, making digital fashion highly-accessible to small and medium businesses for B2B and B2C sales.
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Stay-at-home measures, limited store hours, social distancing and other impacts of the new normal have forced the majority of fashion businesses to place most of their efforts online. Many are relying on e-commerce sales for the first time; others historically devoted more attention to brick-and-mortar stores. Still others, brands and retailers making wholesale transactions, have pivoted to doing business via major B2B e-commerce platforms, virtual showrooms and other socially-distant sales tools; such tools are projected to play a role in the industry long after the pandemic ends. According to Bain & Company, the novel coronavirus crisis reduced the personal luxury goods market by 23% in 2020 – it was the first industry contraction since 2009.

The OHZONE’s 3DREAL™ virtual fashion technology helps retailers and brands build trust in the digital age. Their products are scanned and digitized with the company’s proprietary technology, allowing them to share fully rotatable, zoomable, high-detail images online. Both consumers and wholesale buyers are able to fully perceive the nuances of color, fabric, texture, hardware and other key details prior to making an e-commerce decision. 3DREAL™ technology simultaneously elevates the online shopping experience, presenting B2B and B2C consumers with interactive and engaging photorealistic visuals and virtual try-on possibilities.

The OHZONE lowers the barriers of entry so that more fashion businesses may successfully disrupt, evolve and grow online; their technology eliminates the need for small and medium-sized businesses to invest in 3D graphic engineers, VR/AR interfaces or 3D apps. The company hosts the 3D images, ready to be used for e-commerce, marketing, virtual fashion, sustainable sample production and more. Companies are able to produce, market and sell with a smaller carbon footprint while increasing conversion rates and reducing e-commerce returns. According to a study by SketchFab, 3D interactive experiences increase conversion rates by 663% while reducing bounce rates by 53% and return rates by 40%. The OHZONE is the recipient of the 2021 Top Fashion Tech award by Retail Tech Insights.

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