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The Phoenix 19 Alliance, an alliance of Martech Platforms, commits to offer free martech solutions

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The COVID-19 outbreak has made everybody’s life difficult, that of Restaurant owners even more. With the lockdown in motion, people are staying and the worry of the transmission has also slowed down the delivery and takeaway significantly. Restaurants are in dire need of help. To do their bit, one consortium of marketing tech solutions providers have stepped up and formed the Phoenix 19 Alliance to help brands stay afloat and connected by providing free of cost digital marketing services during these unprecedented times.

Multi-location and franchise tech solutions providers- RioSEO, DevHub, Hyperlocology, and Binary Foundation have come together and aligned their forces and created the Phoenix 19 Alliance. This alliance has been put in place to help restaurants sustain in the market, have perseverance and to be able to come out of the COVID-19 health crisis stronger than they went in by providing them with essential tools for digital marketing.

Patrick Pleiss, Head of Operations and Partnerships Hyperlocology expressed that restaurants now have to constantly navigate through operational updates while offering modifications and having limitations on the availability factor every day based on per location. So, it has become quite imperative that their customers have regular information, updates, and communication on time and with accuracy as specific to their community.

The Phoenix 19 Alliance has made a full commitment towards providing a free suite of the most powerful business and marketing tools that will ensure that every restaurant at every location achieves success now as well as in the future. The toolset will include solutions like Search and Display Marketing/Execution by Community, Creative Customized by Business Location, Custom Landing Page Creation, Local Listing and Review Management, and Social Media Management.

Mark Michael, CEO, and co-founder of Devhub stated that all the companies share a similar belief of helping someone if there is an opportunity to do so. The Phoenix 19 couldn’t let this opportunity pass and decided to remove the barriers of logistics and finance to help brands prevail in the community.

It is a great step by these companies to step up and help struggling businesses thrive in the time of crisis. To know more about such martech companies and their daily on-goings follow the martech cube. The martech cube will keep you updated with the latest trends in the martech industry.


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