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The Top Mobile App Design Companies

Google Play and Apple’s App Store host over 2 million apps each, making the competition for user attention strong. outlined how to choose an app design company that can deliver the best quality for businesses’ specific needs.
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Google Play and Apple’s App Store host over 2 million apps each, making the competition for user attention strong., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with app developers, explained the key steps that businesses can take to select a mobile app designer that delivers high quality results which meet the company’s needs.

The steps to follow when choosing a mobile app design company are:

1. Decide between on- or off-shore designers
2. Research the company’s reviews and rates
3. Inquire about their expertise in certain industries and operating systems
4. Confirm expectations for process, post-launch services, team and communication frequency

The top mobile app design companies are:

1. Kroon Studio

Kroon Studio uses design and development to help companies optimize their product’s full-lifecycle, from design sprint to digital experience. Their project management process fully embraces an agile approach to product management that supports the development process through its finalization.


WANDR is an international team of product design experts with global experience. They help SaaS companies increase user retention and reduce churn through their product strategy and user experience design expertise. They combine qualitative and quantitative research to understand clients’ markets.

3. m7

Millermedia7 (m7) is a UX, digital innovation company that has experience working with global brands. They use web, video, IoT, mobile, AI, AR/VR and all facets of design. They believe transparency, automation and streamlined workflows yield opportunities to tackle new technology.

4. Ziggle Tech Inc.

Ziggle Tech Inc. is a global company that provides mid-level enterprises with technology, replatforming, digital transformation strategy, consulting and services. Their expertise specifically includes eCommerce design & development, cloud infrastructure development, digital media marketing and more.

5. Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a digital agency focused on creating superior digital experiences and growing brands online. They work with global brands in the B2B and B2C escorts and their expertise is in developing creative yet effective digital properties to drive brand exposure and engagement.

Brands can search and compare the best app developers based on their location, team size, rates and budget on

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