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The Weather Company Leverages Lotame for Mobile Analytics Efficiency

The Weather Company and Lotame, while using AWS Clean Rooms, achieve 98% faster insight generation and sevenfold increase in query efficiency

Lotame today announced an enhancement to its longstanding collaboration with The Weather Company by integrating AWS Clean Rooms to optimize its data collaboration and analytics capabilities.

“Working with Lotame and leveraging AWS Clean Rooms has allowed us to push the boundaries of what’s possible with data analytics,” said Dave Olesnevich, Head of Data & Advertising Products at The Weather Company. “We’ve not only accelerated our insight generation but also enhanced the granularity and relevance of the data we provide to our clients and partners.”

The Weather Company, a global provider of weather data, forecasting, and insights, delivers scalable solutions for consumers through its flagship consumer brand, The Weather Channel, as well as for businesses across the advertising, aviation, and media industries, and more. Its digital properties reach more than 360 million people monthly, and its APIs help customers integrate weather data into their applications, business processes, or custom models.

Lotame is a technology company that makes data smarter, faster, and easier to use for digital marketers. Its end-to-end data collaboration platform, Spherical, and Data Marketplace empower thousands of marketers, agencies, and media owners to access, analyze, and activate the data they need to understand and engage consumers. The Weather Company has worked with Lotame for over 10 years, leveraging its data collaboration platform to provide advanced insights about campaign performance and personas.

The Weather Company had an optimal data collection process for The Weather Channel website, The team aimed to extend this to mobile both to extract insights and optimize resources, while also focusing on privacy compliance. To do so, The Weather Company and Lotame joined forces using AWS Clean Rooms from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which helps companies and their partners more easily and securely analyze and collaborate on their collective datasets—all without sharing or copying one another’s underlying data—to extract actionable mobile insights, supporting data processing to insights generation, while ensuring data privacy and compliance.

“At Lotame, we thrive on collaboration and innovation,” said Alexandra Theriault, Chief Growth Officer at Lotame. “By working closely with The Weather Company and integrating services like AWS Clean Rooms into our processes, we ensure our customers can unlock and maximize the value of their data, whether owned or not, to ensure a competitive edge in today’s digital marketplace.”

Using Lotame and operating in an AWS Clean Room environment, The Weather Company reduced the time needed to gather insights from months to days, increased querying efficiency, and improved privacy protections. It led to a 98% reduction in time to gather insights, was 7x faster using clean rooms than the legacy ETL alternative, and was 7x more efficient for querying.

Building on efficiency, the partnership also allows for deeper levels of data analysis to better understand customer behaviors across different segments. The Weather Company could apply constraints and refine segment granularity in its query results. This control over data segmentation fed Lotame more nuanced data, enriching the depth and relevance of its own analytics.

For example, The Weather Company analyzed the preferences and behaviors of its travel audience to better serve travel advertisers. By examining the lifestyle and brand preferences of users of The Weather Channel app, The Weather Company identified differences between lower- and higher-frequency travelers, and preferences for air versus land travel. This enabled The Weather Company to develop more targeted strategies for ad customers.

“AWS Clean Rooms enables our customers to collaborate in privacy-enhanced ways to gain new insights and operational efficiencies,” said Eric Saccullo, Senior Business Development Manager, Data Collaboration Applications at AWS. “We look forward to seeing how Lotame and The Weather Company use AWS Clean Rooms to create more personalized advertising experiences for The Weather Company’s audience.” For more information about The Weather Company’s partnership with Lotame, and how they are using AWS Clean Rooms, click here.

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