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Therap’s Business Intelligence Platform introduces EVV Dashboard


Therap Services, a Person-Centered, Data Driven solution provider in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS), Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and other human services settings, has introduced a new Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Dashboard in its Business Intelligence platform to help service providers visualize graphics from comprehensive analytics on their Scheduling/EVV data. The module also offers myriad reporting features, data comparison & data filtering capabilities for service providers to further develop a Data-Driven approach to enhance and improve their Person-Centered services for individuals.

The Business Intelligence platform in Therap can be used for aggregating agency-wide data and reporting through several dashboards. Service providers working in the human services field can create meaningful reports across several dashboards from the captured data at their agency using Therap’s Business Intelligence Dashboards. Furthermore, users can easily navigate through these data using comprehensive graphs & charts, helping them determine scopes and opportunities for quality improvement, enhanced agency performance and identification of trends.

Therap’s HIPAA compliant Scheduling/Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) module is designed for states & providers to build staff schedules (for in-home & community based services), track staff hours and monitor individual service allocation. This module also has a self check-in feature that allows users who are schedulable for that specific service to check in without an approved Schedule Slot in advance. This option is helpful for flexible services where the scheduler is not creating slots in advance.

Therap Services offers mobile solutions (Android and iOS) with adaptable tools that allow users to record essential data for services delivered from point-of-service remotely in home and community settings. Therap’s Mobile Applications include geolocation features, electronic timestamps and also support offline capability. Therap’s EVV Dashboard generates statistical presentation of Scheduling/EVV data of an agency. Using this data, users can generate extensive reports to display records of services provided to individuals and induce prompt payment for the provided services.

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