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Thingee Launches

Thingee Corporation

Thingee Corporation, a product and software development company, announced the launch of the Cue website,, inviting visitors to test drive its one-click, virtual customer service solution. Cue, Thingee’s revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) platform, lets users initiate communications with a business’s team with just the press of a button.

Developed initially for the life sciences industry, – Cue has been deployed by several pharmaceutical companies nationwide since its launch in 2017. Now Thingee Corporation has expanded the Cue platform focus to include multiple industries where exceptional customer service can help drive increased market share.

“The launch of is a great way to showcase how our Cue platform takes a proven IoT technology and expands its use beyond just Internet shopping. The Cue platform is the ideal tool for any company that wants to provide exceptional, bespoke customer service experiences,” said Jeff Bromley, Thingee Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Sophisticated in its simplicity, Cue eliminates the hassle of phone/text/email tag, the annoyance of endlessly waiting in a customer support queue, or the inconvenience of navigating through an automated attendant. Cue allows your team to respond fast to meet customer needs. It is that level of response and attentiveness that can be a foundation for building customer loyalty and elevating your brand.”

Companies interested in making the move toward improved “frictionless communications” with their customers can visit, download the virtual app for a test drive, or fill out the Get Started form and quickly get connected to a Thingee representative.

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