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Tickr Introduces COVID-19 Brand Risk Monitor

Helps Agencies Track the Impact of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic on Media Coverage and Social Conversations across Multiple Client Brands
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Tickr, the cloud analytics platform for agencies and brands, today introduced the COVID-19 Brand Risk Monitor, a crisis communications management solution that helps agencies track the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

“Communications agencies are currently facing an unprecedented challenge, finding themselves in the difficult and often awkward position of having to market their client brands against the backdrop of the global Coronavirus Pandemic,” said Tyler Peppel, Founder and CEO, Tickr. “The media dialogue about COVID-19 is having a significant impact on brands in travel/hospitality, fast-moving consumer goods, media, finance, retail, pharma, technology, and more. Communications have never been more sensitive. Impressions formed during the heat of this crisis can impact brands in the moment, for months ahead, and possibly for years to come.”

Tickr’s COVID-19 Brand Risk Monitor is a crisis communications management solution, tailored specifically to the needs of agencies. The Tickr solution tracks media coverage and social conversations for multiple client brands in real-time through a single unified interface. It enables agencies to track brands, people, peers and competitors, products, categories and keyword terms on a global level, across multiple industries. It also provides streamlined agency-client reporting, with intuitive and customizable dashboards that always show the most recent, up-to-date data and information. Using this solution eliminates the need for account teams to log on to upwards of 20 different platforms in order to access relevant data. The information can be presented immediately in a client-ready format, without requiring any additional steps, thereby creating a more efficient workflow and enabling agency resources to be focused on generating high-value insights, strategy and action martech news.

The Tickr COVID-19 Brand Risk Monitor enables agencies to service multiple clients through one license by pulling data from multiple internal and external sources into one interface. The solution can be used internally, or offered as a value-added service to clients. Screens can be branded for the agency/consultancy, the client, or Tickr. The solution offers turnkey configuration, and includes unlimited logins, users, and client reports. Monthly and hourly support packages are available, dependent upon requirements.

“Let’s face it — we are living in the midst of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, said Peppel. “Tickr’s COVID-19 Brand Risk Monitor helps agency communications teams to manage that unpredictability by keeping their finger on the pulse of the media conversation in real-time.”

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