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Tiger Pistol unveils Facebook Advertising Benchmark Reports

Disrupting Industry Norms: Tiger Pistol's Innovative Social Advertising Benchmark Reports Redefine Success in Digital Advertising
Tiger Pistol

Tiger Pistol, the most advanced collaborative advertising platform, recently announced the release of four comprehensive social advertising benchmark reports, offering invaluable insights for marketers and industry leaders. Available now for download, the Restaurant Social Advertising Benchmark Report for QSR Franchise Marketers, the Social Advertising Benchmark Report for Franchise Marketers, the Small Business Social Advertising Benchmark Report for Marketing Resellers, and the Social Advertising Benchmark Report for Agencies cover year-of-year industry data for Q2 2023.

These reports showcase industry benchmarks for Meta advertising alongside Tiger Pistol’s performance. They reveal a staggering truth: local ads launched through the Tiger Pistol Collaborative Advertising Platform™ cost significantly less. Looking at a sampling of report statistics, it’s clear that the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 77% Lower CPC (Cost Per Click) for Home Services
  • 70% Lower CPC for Fitness
  • 84% Lower CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions) for Healthcare
  • 80% Lower CPM for Legal
  • 67% Lower CPM for Restaurants

Tiger Pistol Vice President of Business Development, Sarah Cucchiara, said the company’s local social advertising automation platform prioritizes quality and relevance in its ads, but the magic happens by adding locality as a factor.

“Adding locality increases Facebook and Instagram advertising effectiveness and drives down costs with social ads that are engaging, targeted, and personalized for the audience,” said Cucchiara. “For brands to achieve true locality, ads must be launched from local partners’ Facebook Business Pages. This strategy enables brands to utilize brand creative within highly targeted ads. Moreover, these ads speak to the unique needs and preferences of local customers with specific calls-to-action that drive traffic to specific local businesses.”

These remarkable cost savings are just the tip of the iceberg. Tiger Pistol’s comprehensive social advertising benchmark reports provide a treasure trove of industry-specific data, proven strategies to slash advertising expenses, and actionable insights to grow market share.

“Our reports are more than just numbers; they are your roadmap to achieving exceptional client satisfaction, retention, and scalability across Meta’s platforms,” said Cucchiara. “Tiger Pistol is more than a platform; we’re a strategic partner committed to enabling our clients to lead their industries with intelligence and innovation. These reports solidify Tiger Pistol’s leadership in delivering cost-efficient, high-impact advertising and serve as tactical roadmaps for franchise brands, agencies, and marketing service resellers seeking a competitive edge.”

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