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Tiger Pistol’s New Playbook Unlocks the Power of Vertical Video Ads


Tiger Pistol, the leading local social media advertising platform, recently announced its latest resource for brand marketers: “The Ultimate Guide to Vertical Video Advertising.” This comprehensive playbook is designed to navigate marketers through the rapidly evolving landscape of vertical video ads, a format that has transformed the way brands capture attention on social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Access the Playbook: The Ultimate Guide to Vertical Video Advertising

Vertical video ads have emerged as a powerful tool for brands aiming to stand out and engage with their audience more effectively. With their ability to enhance the mobile experience, facilitate discovery, and boost brand visibility, vertical videos have become a cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy.

“Our latest playbook demystifies the world of vertical video advertising,” said Sarah Cucchiara, VP of Business Development at Tiger Pistol. “It provides marketers with actionable insights and strategies to create captivating content, select the right platforms, and develop an effective vertical video social advertising strategy. Tiger Pistol enables marketers to take their strategy a step further, with automation that dynamically localizes vertical video ads.”

Key highlights from the playbook include:

  • Proven Performance: Discover compelling evidence supporting the shift towards vertical video, including a 58% increase in reach, a 150% higher click-through rate, and up to an 80% boost in conversion rates compared to horizontal formats.
  • Comprehensive Strategies: Learn how to craft eye-catching vertical videos that resonate with viewers, choose the most suitable platforms for your brand, and develop a winning social advertising strategy that aligns with current consumer behaviors and trends.
  • Platform Analysis: Explore in-depth comparisons of major social platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, to understand their unique demographics, video content trends, and how they can best serve your vertical video ads.
  • Practical Tips: Gain actionable advice on setting objectives, budgeting effectively, and leveraging the unique audience-targeting capabilities of each platform to ensure your ads reach the right people at the right time.

“Our playbook distinguishes itself with depth of information, ensuring marketers can make decisions that optimize their return on investment,” said Cucchiara. “Our objective was to provide a tool for brands interested in using this format. We wanted to provide a roadmap on how to accelerate growth through vertical video ads that are smarter, more relevant, and highly engaging.”

“The Ultimate Guide to Vertical Video Advertising” is now free for download. Marketers looking to stay ahead of the curve and maximize their impact in the digital advertising space are invited to unlock the power of vertical video advertising by accessing this essential playbook.

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