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TINT Acquires Vesta, Online Brand Community Platform


TINT, the leading all-in-one Social Content Platform, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Vesta, the online brand community platform.

Acquiring Vesta is TINT’s latest step in empowering marketers to build and harness the power of their audience, enabling brands to own and cultivate communities that foster deeper relationships with their consumers and creators to secure always-on advocacy, engagement, emotional loyalty, and increased sales.

TINT is the leader in social content, helping brands discover, use, and scale the best UGC, creator, and influencer content. TINT works with thousands of top brands like Nestle, Canon, and Accor to humanize their marketing to build trust and increase conversions through content, social commerce, and along every step of the customer journey.

Vesta powers thriving community destinations for enterprise and emerging brands to mobilize advocates, elevate consumer experience and sales, and deliver insights. Adding Vesta’s platform and expertise expands TINT’s position as the leading source for community content and perspective.

“Vesta shares our belief in the power of authentic consumer voices and content to build trust in brands,” says Sameer Kamat, CEO, TINT. “Together, we empower brands to own every stage of the consumer journey, engaging fans and nurturing relationships to create lasting brand evangelists and bottom line impact.”

In their 2023 Big Online Brand Community Study, Vesta found that a brand community inspires advocacy for 74% of consumers. While TINT’s State of Social and User-Generated Content 2023 research reveals that consumers trust authentic content from customers and community members more than any other type of content.

“We are excited to join TINT in inspiring and amplifying the voices of consumers. By embracing Community Powered Marketing, brands can have direct, emotional, and engaging relationships with their best consumers, building an army of advocates who share in an authentic and powerful way.” says Sue Frech, Founder and CEO, Vesta. “The knowledge and experience of Two Roads Advisors was integral to the successful completion of this acquisition deal, and I am thankful for their invaluable contributions.”

The Vesta leadership team will remain in place and join TINT to continue building on their strong foundation of delivering trusted consumer content and connections.

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