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Tiny Bully Takes On Traditional Agency Model

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MicroArts Creative Agency, a special forces branding and marketing agency with experience working is proud to announce it’s rebranding as TINY BULLY a change that reflects an evolved agency model

After more than 30 years in the marketing and branding industry, MicroArts Creative Agency is proud to announce it’s rebranding as TINY BULLY, a change that reflects an evolved agency model that empowers brands to punch beyond their weight with a special forces partner that delivers big agency talent in a more personalized, passionate and efficient package martech news.

With the goal of delivering big ideas to brands looking to break through the noise, Tiny Bully’s emergence into the marketing and branding world comes at a time that the traditional agency model simply isn’t cutting it for all but the largest brands.

Existing models often require brands to choose between do-it-all mega agencies or small shops that lack the strategic/business expertise to drive branding success. Tiny Bully offers another choice, a boutique team that pairs big agency talent with a small unit of experts dedicated to closer collaboration and bigger results martech.

Danielle O’Neil, President and Partner of Tiny Bully said that “Our new brand reflects our 30-year evolution to a fundamentally different agency that ensures up and coming brands get the higher level of services they need to win. We treat every dollar our customers spend as if it was our own display & programmatic advertising.”

According to Founder and Partner Peter Getman, the rebrand has been a long time coming. Getman also said that “From our onset as a software and tech marketing company, we know that the traditional agency model doesn’t serve brands. Our new brand reflects our perfection of a different kind of approach. One that truly works for today’s brands. We’re the same nice people with mean ideas”

Tiny Bully is built upon strategic account managers, animation specialists, graphic artists, copywriters, and digital marketing managers. Getman said the agency promises to always give its customers the A-team.

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