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Top 5 Christmas Marketing Ideas for New Businesses

Christmas is approaching, but MartechCube’s Santa has already arrived with a gift of Christmas Marketing Ideas for Startups. Unwrap it below

The holiday season means a lot more this year than it used to in the past, because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Almost all the businesses have been affected because of unpredicted lockdown and social distancing norms, but the businesses that were started before lockdown had the challenge of their survival, and the ones who survived had one of the toughest times businesses ever face. So, in this holiday season, new businesses need to execute some out of the box ideas and leverage this opportunity to the fullest, in order to recover at least some loss faced because of the pandemic.


With Halloween and Thanksgiving, the holiday season has already started and Black Friday & Cyber Monday saw some remarkable sales, which is giving positive indications to the sellers planning their Christmas marketing strategies.

Many large enterprises have started pulling out all the stops for their Christmas Marketing Campaigns, so to stay in the competition, it’s time for the startups to start preparing for Christmas 2020.

So, to give Startups a gift of marketing for Christmas, Santa of Martech Cube has arrived early with some out of the box Christmas marketing ideas, wrapped in our good luck wishes.

 Enliven What’s Already There

Christmas comes along every year, and so does the opportunity of Christmas Marketing, so one-time investment in small, Christmas design changes to your logo, Christmas themed social media headers, profile pictures, and also the site banners are bound to pay off annually. For example, you can ask your designer to add something like a small Santa hat or sprig of holly around your logo and develop other designs accordingly.

If you’re planning to design them just once and utilize them every year, though, you’ll have to make sure the changes you make this year are neutral, tasteful, perfectly on-brand, and evergreen. It’s unnecessarily expensive to redesign branding every time the holiday season arrives.

  •         Christmas Themed Promotions

The theme is something that differentiates a festival season from regular days, so adding themes in promotions is mandatory. The Christmas season brings in a lot of theme-based promotion ideas. Hence, you must cash the trend and customize the promotion visuals in order to make your customers feel more festive.

You can also leverage content marketing and the general rule for content marketing is that 80% of your content material has to add value to the lives of your customer, and only 20% should be about promoting the products, or services of your company. So your regular posts should add value to your customer with some seasonal promotions about the solution you are offering.

  •         Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

The Christmas season is a good opportunity to boost your email marketing strategy, with a campaign focused on highlighting particular products and offers and to share important information related to the Christmas season, such as extended offer hours, Special Christmas Eve discounts, etc. A much popular ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ email marketing campaign might seem less productive, but except being a thematic campaign, it also gives time-limited offers and has the ability to create a sense of urgency among the buyers. You can include in the Christmas slogans to go in and about as heading or point them out as blurbs in the article. 

For Startups, the emphasis should be on showcasing their unique items that aren’t easily accessible from High Street stores and big-box retailers to Christmas Markets Manchester, but it is completely fine to alternate between highlighting specific products and services and offering a general discount on them, either store-wide or department-specific. But make sure that you have sufficient inventory of any stock that is being promoted through email marketing.

  •         Host Contests & Giveaways

It’s Christmas and you can’t expect it to go without gifts and giveaways. You can host numerous Christmas festive contests and giveaways during the Christmas season. For instance, come up with a Christmas-eve contest idea where your audience can participate by submitting user-generated content. You can promote the winning submissions into community spotlights, but ensure that your Christmas-Eve giveaway idea enforces the spirit of the festive season. It will enable your customers to enjoy a unique user experience.

You must wrap your Christmas marketing idea or contest in a shiny gift paper. By that I mean, ‘A romantic three-course meal for Couples with Christmas Special wine pairing’ will convert better than ‘A dinner for two’. If your promotions are unable to provide value, then you’ll lose those holiday conversions.

  •         Get Some Blessings and Attention


Emotions play an important role during Christmas and so does getting noticed, if not every time but at least during the holiday season.

Turning new heads with a community-led function, or some charity for example at an old age home or a center for at-risk children, or do get together with some local charities, apart from giving ‘feels good’ benefits it can also attract a whole lot of positive PR for your startup.

It’s not tasteless to boost your own business in this manner. Consider the good your business can do to society, by drawing some media attention to the work being done at these centers and by donating time, and efforts.

Santa claus banner design Free Vector

Ho! Ho! Ho! HolidayssS

The Holiday Marketing season is the favorite quarter of most businesses. If you implement the holiday marketing ideas with an appropriate approach, you can easily enhance your reach and profits.

You also need to ensure that your Christmas marketing efforts should not replace your regular marketing efforts, however, a large amount of your marketing and advertising budget should be allocated to Christmas marketing over this period. You can carry this out by creating a separate Christmas-only marketing campaign, by doing so you will be able to allocate your preset budget to Christmas as well as regular marketing campaigns.

There is no single Christmas marketing idea that is fit for all types of businesses. However, we have listed some of the ideas that are perfect for a number of startups and small businesses. Keeping that in focus, check and implement the ideas that you find effective in your Christmas marketing campaigns 2020.

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