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Top 5 Marketing Campaign Ideas to Rock your Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day is celebrated in remembrance of those who have died while serving the country. It was originally called “Decoration Day.” Memorial Day 2021 will occur on Monday, May 31.

Like every holiday, Memorial Day offers the chance to large and small businesses to increase sales, spread brand awareness, and gain new customers in addition to engaging current ones. This holiday is considered as a kick-off to summer. Memorial Day is not all about celebrating with beers and barbecues; It is also about remembering fallen soldiers and what it means to be American.

Now, being a Good and Hands-on Marketer Keeping track of the calendar is one such trick that you need to master if you want to improve your visibility among your target audience and make your brand a successful brand amidst the massive advent of martech and uproar in the content marketing strategies.

Paying respect to the ones who fought and died while serving your country through offers is a very thoughtful way of gaining visibility among your target audience. Due to the importance of the occasion,

an appropriate and sensitive marketing strategy is essential for successful promotions and benefits keeping the emotions in mind, after all marketing is the best of both worlds of art and science.

On this day one can do various activities to make his or her brand a success. Around 2019 On the same Memorial Day, 42.75 million US citizens traveled. One can take a huge offer on this to increase brand awareness and revenue increment.

If you see the Infographic below that is specialized around some facts surrounding Memorial day for some time now, we can easily conclude that Holidays are Prestigious Days are the best opportunity to build your brand.

So, Memorial Day is around the corner. Here are five Memorial Day marketing ideas to help you achieve what you seek even during the pandemic:

  • GIVEAWAYS: Memorial Day is a reverent holiday. Be it a product or service, the idea of a giveaway is a brilliant idea to be realised. Provide free spa service to Military Personnel and Veterans in honour of Memorial Day. Add some purchase discount or some mutual social activity.

  • EVENTS: The most innovative and engaging marketing campaign is to conduct events. Events for fun can be games or any interactive activity which will help you build new clients very quickly and retain the current one. Events can be raising funds for a cause; this will show your brands morale.

    • Interactive Events: Events which create a communication between you and the viewer is the best top build new client for your brand. This helps you in PR act as well as to gather crowd and increase your sale by engaging customers with your talks.
    • Raise Fund Event: Events on this day can be used to raise funds for a cause. This shows morale and generosity of your brand toward the one who has died and who are in need of some help. This will help you build new clients and engage customers through the way of humanity.
    • Prize winning events : Events in one win a price which is extremely attractive to attract customers. This kind of event helps you to build Customers and engage the viewer and inform them about Memorial Day while also telling them about your brand.
  • HAPPY HOUR CAMPAIGN: These are very common campaign but they have the best result if you are looking for increasing sales. You can run a discount hour for 2-3 hours; this will help you increase sales and build new customers. It will help you expand your referral network.

  • DIGITAL CAMPAIGN: If coupon used or run on social media like Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. Research shows that almost 58 percent of college students will purchase products if they were sent a coupon using Snapchat. Social Media is the best channel to promote your brand amongst people.

  • FREE SAMPLE: Who doesn’t enjoy free samples? Create a sample free experience for those who are in contact with you on Social Media. This Free Sample Experience will help build customer engagement. This will mostly attract new clients for your brands.

Memorial Day weekend is saturated with summer’s beginning. Outdoor fun is the main part of the holiday. It happens to be cost effective, so cooperating with other companies turns out to be a win-win strategy. This thought must not be underestimated while planning your marketing campaign. You can partner with the minded business to grow in terms of sales, customer engagement and many more.

Check your brand campaign and let customers see what you are offering this weekend leading up to Memorial Day! We wish everyone a safe holiday & thank you to all who have served our country!

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