Top CRM for CX, Kustomer Named Fastest Growing SAAS Company-2020

Kustomer is recognized for its unique approach to modernizing customer experiences in multiple industries as the company experiences unprecedented growth, top ratings, and executive team expansion

Kustomer, the top-rated CRM for modern customer experiences, announced today that it has been recognized as one of the Fastest Growing SaaS companies of 2020 by SaaS Magazine.  This award comes as the company more than doubled annual growth, receiving industry recognition as the CRM of choice for businesses to deliver more effective and efficient customer service. To address growing demand while consistently delivering exceptional value, Kustomer also announces that Blaga Lund, an innovator in the use of data science, has joined the team as Vice President of Engineering.

“Our momentum is the result of a relentless focus on improving the customer journey and enabling the types of customer experiences brands require and customers demand today,” said Brad Birnbaum, Co-Founder and CEO of Kustomer. “Strong revenue growth, expansion across a range of verticals, and consistently high customer reviews, demonstrate the universal value of a modern CRM that eliminates tickets and overhead that get in the way of lasting customer relationships.”

As part of this sustained company momentum, Kustomer has achieved these major milestones:

Exceptional Business Performance: Driven by the move to digital-only experiences, changing consumer behavior, and demand for omnichannel service, businesses in many industries have turned to Kustomer in record numbers. The company tripled the number of consumers helped within the platform, while more than doubling annual revenue and new customer growth.

Industry Recognition and Awards: In addition to making SaaS Mag’s list of fastest-growing SaaS companies, Kustomer received the Stevie Award For The Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year – Up to 2,500 Employees. Kustomer was also recognized by the 2020 SaaS Awards for Best Customer Service or CRM.

Industry-Leading Product Ratings: Kustomer outperformed Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Intercom in verified G2 customer reviews on almost every criteria. Kustomer received top scores for user adoption, user satisfaction, momentum and leadership (average score 4.4 across 140 reviews).

Rapid Product Innovation: Kustomer continued its rapid innovation with new expansion of KustomerIQ, the AI engine embedded across the company’s CRM platform. In addition, Kustomer acquired, a customer service automation company that leverages AI and machine learning models to improve agent efficiency through self-service chatbot and deflection capabilities. Lastly, Kustomer continues to build out its industry leading customer relationship management capabilities to give brands a full 360-view of their customers

New Engineering Leadership: Blaga Lund, an accomplished machine learning and AI engineering leader, joins Kustomer’s executive team as Vice President of Engineering. Ms. Lund has been a pioneer in the application of data science in addressing customer needs with more than a decade of experience leading engineering teams.

“As customer needs transform, there is an urgency for brands to deliver a smart and seamless customer experience across multiple channels,” added Birnbaum. “By empowering agents to deliver efficient and effective customer service through our AI-powered CRM, we are helping companies manage the quantity and quality of customer service requests while successfully navigating ever-changing market conditions.”

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