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TOPO Reveals Seminal Shifts in Sales Technology with Sales Engagement Market Guide

Report identifies unique insights, strategies and trends to help B2B sales leaders grow and scale

TOPO, a research and advisory firm that helps the world’s fastest growing sales, marketing and technology organizations, today released its Sales Engagement Market Guide. The comprehensive report analyzes the dynamics in today’s hottest sales technology market – sales engagement technology, including; new emerging categories in the space, key drivers that have contributed to the rise of sales engagement platforms, today’s technology leaders, an inside look into sales engagement stacks, and the accelerating growth and change poised to disrupt the marketplace.

Today’s sales leaders overwhelmingly name sales engagement as their top priority. Sales engagement is such a high priority that 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in technologies and methodologies to help their sellers engage more effectively with prospects and customers. They are focused on the quality and volume of sales reps’ engagement with buyers, as they look to drive higher conversion rates and larger average deal sizes.

Over the last few years, technology vendors have responded to this interest by creating applications that enable sellers to deliver high-quality sales engagement at scale. Until now, only a handful of startups have played an outsized role in developing innovative products and driving adoption, primarily with early adopter sales organizations.

The report provides a strong understanding of the changing sales engagement market and gives sales leaders the insight required to get ahead of the latest marketplace trends. Among the report’s findings are three major market observations:

  • Sales engagement technology is spreading from sales development to the entire sales organization.
  • More traditional sales organizations (not just early adopters) are evaluating and purchasing technology to support their sales engagement efforts.
  • Large technology vendors, such as Salesforce, are entering the space with products like its Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud.

Sales engagement is set to become a multi-billion dollar market thanks to a number of critical factors,” said Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst at TOPO. “The most important factor is that entire sales organizations are starting to adopt sales engagement tools. Today, the technology has a relatively small footprint in sales, but that promises to change as the major SEPs continue to add features and functionality designed specifically for closing sales reps.”

In addition, TOPO recognizes the two dominant players in the sales engagement platform market were considered in most evaluation cycles. With Salesforce recently announcing their sales engagement platform product, Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud, the category not only becomes validated, but with its massive distribution channel, promises to accelerate customer adoption of sales engagement platforms.

“Given these dynamics, we expect to see accelerating growth in the sales engagement market,” said Scott Albro, CEO of TOPO. “Sales leaders have a clear top priority: better engagement with customers. So it’s no surprise that sales engagement platforms have become a top investment priority.”

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