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TPGi Announces Availability of ARC Provider Package

Developer-level testing tools, in one suite, that allows teams to scale their accessibility program

TPGi is pleased to announce the launch of ARC Provider Package, a single platform supplying advanced accessibility testing tools that enable enterprise organizations with powerful capabilities to sustain their own accessibility testing and management programs. Using the same enabling technologies and methodology that TPGi has developed over the past 20 years, ARC Provider Package has been designed with the enterprise customer in mind, with the end goal to empower product teams and IT organizations to handle accessibility QA and development on their own.

“Provider Package supports a critical function in the structure of a mature accessibility program, performance of accessibility testing/QA.  Leveraging ARC’s single ruleset and integrated tools and platform, Enterprises have multiple levels of accessibility analysis available to them, from broad domain scans to detailed manual audits. They can share reports over consistent intuitive dashboards, expert Microsoft Office document reports, or integrate to core internal systems through low tech-touch Zapier integrations via the ARC API,” said Charlie Pike, Director of Platform Success at TPGi.

ARC Provider Package Availability

ARC Provider Package is an update driven by TPGi’s own extensive experience in accessibility testing and centers around ARC Capture, a browser-based extension that TPGi experts use internally to manage their own testing. Architected as a guided testing solution and packed with 20 years of remediation guidance from experts in the field of accessibility, ARC Capture enables users to launch their own accessibility QA process. Whether utilized on a standalone basis or combined with scalable service plans to help empower organizations in their pursuit of a sustained accessibility software development life cycle, ARC Provider Package continues TPGi’s commitment to deliver essential and cutting-edge accessibility tools through a single, cloud-based platform.

ARC Provider Package is available for immediate subscription and use.

“TPGi’s mission has always been to advance digital accessibility and to spread our knowledge from our experts to our customers,” shared Travis Brown, VP, Sales & Marketing for TPGi. “One of the single biggest challenges we see organizations struggle with is making the leap towards embedding accessibility in their own SDLC process and doing so in a sustainable manner. ARC Provider Package is specifically designed to de-mystify much of the subject matter expertise required to perform comprehensive accessibility testing and put that in the digital content owners’ hands.”

Founded in 2002, TPGi  is the worldwide leader in digital accessibility. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to designed to support organizations on their accessibility journey and achieve their digital accessibility goals, by making all digital technology accessible, enabling equal opportunity, participation, and independence for people with disabilities in the digital space.

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