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TraceLink Mint wins Supply Chain Visibility Award

TraceLink Recognized with Top Honor in Supply Chain Visibility at SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards

TraceLink, a leader in digital supply chain solutions, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the 2024 SupplyTech Breakthrough Award for Supply Chain Visibility Solution of the Year for its innovative Multienterprise Information Network Tower (MINT) solution.

This recognition highlights TraceLink’s commitment to transforming global supply chains by providing enhanced visibility and connectivity through its MINT solution, powered by TraceLink’s Opus platform, a low/no-code development environment for enabling supply chain teams to design and deploy multi-enterprise solutions with trading partners.

On Opus, MINT enables the seamless exchange of information among partners — regardless of the type or version of enterprise systems each party uses — related to supply chain planning, external manufacturing, logistics, clinical supply, and more. It achieves this through the rapid onboarding, management, and integration of partners’ systems and business processes with a pre-authenticated digital network of over 290,000 entities across the Healthcare and Life Sciences supply chain. Through this innovative approach, MINT creates the real-time, permissioned supply chain information required for companies to execute on their supply chain digitalization and AI/ML transformations.

This year’s SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards program was intensely competitive, with entries from major firms worldwide, underscoring the significance of TraceLink’s achievement. The award celebrates TraceLink’s success in facilitating real-time information sharing across multiple enterprises, which improves decision-making and operational efficiencies. Notable winners in other categories this year include industry giants such as UPS, ArcBest, and Yale Lift Truck Technologies.

“Receiving this award from SupplyTech Breakthrough is a testament to our team’s dedication to innovation and excellence in digitalizing end-to-end supply chain networks — most importantly, it is a reflection of the global healthcare and life sciences industry’s rapid acceleration and adoption of technologies to exchange information for the benefit of ensuring product availability and quality for patients around the world,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink. “Our Multienterprise Information Network Tower solution is at the forefront of enabling companies to achieve a new level of transparency and efficiency, and this recognition reaffirms our leadership in the industry.”

Further details about the award are on the SupplyTech Breakthrough website at

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