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TransUnion expands TruAudience™ marketing solutions business


TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) announced today the expansion of its TruAudience marketing solutions line of business which provides marketers, media companies, and technology providers the capabilities they need to address their most pressing consumer data, audience targeting, and measurement challenges.

TruAudience now marries the expansive consumer data, advanced identity resolution, audience building, and targeting capabilities of TransUnion and Neustar into a comprehensive and interoperable suite of privacy-enhanced marketing solutions. Additionally, the product suite now offers closed-loop marketing measurement and attribution and credit-informed marketing solutions, which weren’t previously available.

“The integrated capabilities of TransUnion and Neustar enable our clients to solve the biggest challenges they face at every step of the marketing process leveraging an industry-leading and newly enhanced identity infrastructure,” said Michael Schoen, executive vice president of marketing solutions at TransUnion. “These TruAudience capabilities transform the quality of our clients’ consumer data, improve their ability to attract and acquire customers across channels, and help them continuously measure and improve the return on their marketing investments.”

Clients have reported to TransUnion that they have seen a 40% reduction in duplicate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) records, and a 30% increase in conversions from higher performing audiences.

“TruAudience enables iHeart to deliver advanced identity and analytics solutions to make our audio campaigns more addressable, effective, and measurable for our advertising partners,” said Brian Kaminsky, iHeartMedia Chief Data Officer.

How does TruAudience work?

TruAudience enables clients to improve marketing effectiveness by increasing audience reach, improving the quality of consumer insights, and leveraging more accurate and up-to-date identity data across all marketing and measurement activities. It includes a full suite of marketing solutions including:

  • Data hygiene and enrichment
  • Audience segmentation, creation, and syndication
  • Measurement and attribution
  • Data collaboration/Clean room
  • Credit-informed marketing

TruAudience now leverages the proprietary data ecosystems of TransUnion and Neustar spanning 200 authoritative data sources including data from over 16 billion monthly phone signals, offline consumer data covering over 125 million U.S. households, and data spanning 10 billion real-time digital interactions daily.

This expansive consumer data is onboarded, linked, and validated by TransUnion’s identity graph platform, (previously known as OneID™ from Neustar) to enable TruAudience clients to continuously cleanse and enrich their first-party data, deepen their consumer insights, and improve the accuracy of their audience segmentation, targeting, and measurement strategies. TransUnion was recently recognized by Forrester Research, Inc. as a “leader” (see The Forrester Wave™ for Identity Verification Solutions, Q4 2022).1

TransUnion’s identity graph is growing its industry-leading online and offline consumer data coverage to include hundreds of new demographic attributes, as well as additional behavioral, psychographic, and purchase-based data. This additional data can support a wide variety of industry-specific needs across consumer finance, retail purchase behavior, small business attributes, travel, geography, automotive, consumer interests, and more.

Additionally, TruAudience combines TransUnion’s direct media and technology partnerships across the television, streaming media (audio and video) world with Neustar’s integrations across the walled garden and digital media ecosystem to ensure clients can reach and measure consumers across the channels that matter most. This includes partnerships with over 250 leading media owners and publisher networks, and 100+ advertising, data management and cloud platforms, as well as social and retail media platforms, ad servers, demand-side and sell-side platforms, and customer data platforms.

“The integration of the Neustar marketing product portfolio into TruAudience marketing solutions is a major milestone in the integration of TransUnion’s acquisition of Neustar,” said Matt Spiegel, executive vice president and head of the media and entertainment business at TransUnion. “We know the future of personalized marketing starts with a detailed understanding of individual and household identity and we are confident that TruAudience delivers that intelligence. Just as importantly, we have a suite of products built on top of that identity infrastructure that enables marketing investments to be more precise, relevant, and effective.”

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