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Treasure Global integrates Jojo into ZCITY app

Jojo, the Next-Gen AI-powered personalization engine, enhances the ZCITY app experience. It leverages ChatGPT to intelligently customize the user experience resulting in stronger customer retention and user acquisition metrics

Treasure Global Inc (NASDAQ: TGL) (“TGL”, “Treasure Global,” or the “Company”), an innovative technology solutions provider, today announced that the integration of its next-gen, personalized AI-powered chatbot assistant, Jojo, into the Company’s proprietary ZCITY app is now live for users.

Powered by TGL’s data analysis engine and integrated with ChatGPT, Jojo uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to track users’ personal likes and dislikes to recommend the ideal promotion and product personal to them. From monthly essential spending to online shopping, ZCITY deploys AI to personalize the user experience for its members.

The added functionality is expected to enhance user retention and attract new customers to drive revenue growth, as well as allowing merchants to capture expanded data on user behavior and spending patterns. The AI chatbot leverages machine learning to optimize user spending behavior and provide accurate marketing tools to merchants to promote their products and services with cost efficiency.

As previously announced in May 2023, the AI Chatbot is powered by TGL’s data analysis engine to provide personalized deals based on users’ preferences and purchase history, such as scanned receipts. Once the chatbot feature is activated, users will be able to utilize its advanced functionality to ask questions for various lifestyle and entertainment recommendations, such as restaurants, shopping, and more. Jojo will also have the ability to answer questions related to TGL and the ZCITY app, including details about ongoing campaigns and news.

“Consumers today demand convenience and fast solutions, with many seeking personalized, AI-assisted interfaces in several areas of their technology-facing lives,” said Sam Teo, Chief Executive Officer of TGL. “This is another example of TGL using innovation and technology, in conjunction with data analysis, to provide ZCITY users with an excellent reward experience. TGL stays ahead of the curve, consistently developing new advanced solutions for our users and merchants. The addition of Jojo into our ZCITY app is the next step in our long-term vision and strategy for expanding our digital platform in the Southeast Asian and Japanese markets. With its advanced AI capabilities, Jojo serves as a unique market differentiator for the ZCITY app, setting it apart from competitors and positioning TGL as a leader in AI-driven e-commerce solutions.”

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