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Treatwell partners with Customer Data Platform Leader mParticle

mParticle Customer Data Platform will enable Treatwell to deliver better personalization at scale.

mParticle, the leading AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP), today announced that Treatwell, Europe’s leading marketplace and SaaS dedicated to the beauty and wellness world, has chosen to partner with mParticle to deliver better digital experiences.

Treatwell has grown rapidly since its founding as Wahanda in 2008, currently working with a network of over 50,000 salons in 13 countries across Europe. As the business has expanded its offering, Treatwell’s customer base has also increased immensely, now managing around 100 million appointments each year and supporting 150,000 stylists every day.

But as Treatwell’s customer base continued to grow, the marketing team began to find that leveraging data to understand customer engagement and personalize campaigns was becoming a highly manual and time-consuming process. Now, with mParticle established as their customer data foundation, Treatwell will be able to deliver effective personalized experiences across channels while also reducing manual data processes across the organization.

“As Treatwell continued to scale, we needed a more efficient and effective way to handle the increasing volume and complexity of customer data,” explained Stefano Scoponi, Marketing Director at Treatwell. “mParticle’s Customer Data Platform helped us to overcome these challenges and create a 360-degree view of the customer, making it possible to deliver a consistent and personalized experience to our customers, regardless of the channel they engage with us through.”

One of the first initiatives that Treatwell is focused on is utilizing mParticle to understand how customers are engaging across the brand’s websites and apps. With a unified customer data set available in mParticle, Treatwell will be able to use mParticle Audiences to build campaign segments and orchestrate them across channels, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually collecting, aggregating and analyzing data.

mParticle will also make it easier for Treatwell to support data privacy requirements and build customer trust as the company continues to grow. Stefano explains, “we chose mParticle because of their strong focus on privacy and security, their advanced orchestration capabilities, and their ability to integrate with a wide range of data sources and platforms. mParticle also offers a flexible and scalable solution that will grow with our business.”

“Treatwell offers a diverse range of services, and every customer has different requirements” describes Rob Murphy, SVP of International mParticle. “By partnering with mParticle, Treatwell will be able to access a 360-degree view of the customer that stays up-to-date in real time, enabling them to deliver better personalization and protect data privacy.”

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