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TruLife Distribution Makes the Rounds at ECRM’s Historic Virtual Conference

TruLife Distribution Boasts Success at the All Online ECRM Conference
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TruLife Distribution continues their streak of successful attendance at ECRM’s unprecedented all-virtual conference. With strong connections to many of the leading retail markets in the United States, TruLife Distribution is the key to success for up-and-coming brands, as well as established international companies looking to expand into the American marketplace.

ECRM’s switch to a web-based meeting platform from their typical convention space prioritizes public health and safety, while still allowing for the fast-paced business-to-business marketing event to take place. May’s Healthy Living/Vitamin and Nutrition Program took place entirely through video conference calls, in which TruLife met with retailers face to virtual face.

“It was an intense experience,” says TruLife CEO, Brian Gould “It’s exciting, you’re jumping directly from one meeting to the next with very little pause in between. The digital meetings really keep you on your toes.”

And as an industry veteran with over 16 years of experience, Gould certainly has the background to form his basis of comparison. Gould has been attending ECRM for over a decade, meeting with buyers, facilitating relationships, and building connections.

“I really like being able to take time to meet with buyers in person,” says Gould. “I like to get to know people, I have a lot of respect for these representatives, and I want us to have a rapport based on mutual trust.”

Brian Gould founded TruLife Distribution to carve out a niche for himself in the world of international health product distribution, confident in his history of industry success. Now the company that started as a home-office venture has grown more than ten-fold.

“It does sort of feel like we’ve come full circle,” Gould says. “When we started, I was based out of my home office, and attending ECRM in-person. Now everyone is working from home, even ECRM. I feel very fortunate that we’re able to continue to work safely, and still give our clients our best representation at this event.”

TruLife streamlines the process of bringing international products to the United States. In addition to shopping products to retailers, they also take care of all importation, warehousing, press, media, sales, and of course, distribution.

Virtual trade conferences may be the future of retail marketing, and TruLife has shown that they are able to adapt and thrive.



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