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Tunnl announces Reach & Frequency, Linear TV Measurement Solution


Tunnl, a leading provider of AI-powered audience intelligence, introduces Reach & Frequency, an unprecedented solution for audience-based linear TV exposure measurement and optimization. The new solution enables advertisers to achieve wider, unduplicated reach among their target audience across all channels at a local and national level.

“It’s increasingly difficult to reach saturation in many markets, especially in a condensed time frame. And, even when you do, ad exposure is unbalanced,” says Sara Fagen, Tunnl’s Co-founder & CEO. “Buying 1000 points does not mean you will reach 100 percent of your audience ten times; some people will see the ad 75 times, while some never see it. Media fragmentation has only exacerbated this challenge.”

Reach & Frequency empowers brands, agencies, and associations to address under-exposure and oversaturation in their campaigns before it can lead to budget waste or diminished impact.

Overview of Tunnl’s Reach & Frequency Solution

Within Tunnl’s audience intelligence platform, the Reach & Frequency solution measures impressions, reach, and frequency on linear TV and enables advertisers to continuously optimize their campaigns by retargeting exposure-based audiences across linear, streaming, and digital channels.

Local, on-demand insights on the unduplicated reach and average frequency of linear campaigns can be analyzed by media market, advertiser, and advertising creative for a granular exploration of your—and your competitors’—campaign impressions among target audiences. Advertisers can build exposure-based audiences in minutes and retarget them to achieve incremental reach of their entire audience on and beyond linear TV.

Reach & Frequency empowers brands, agencies, and associations to quantify and alleviate exposure imbalances caused by media fragmentation and a points-based linear buying model.

In addition to actionable audience intelligence for campaign planning, Reach & Frequency modernizes linear TV campaign measurement and delivers continuous, autonomous optimization opportunities for cross-channel advertisers.

Reach & Frequency Capabilities & Highlights:

  • Audience-Based Linear TV Exposure Insights
    Gain an unprecedented understanding of linear TV impressions with unduplicated reach and frequency insights by media market, sponsor, or creative–including your competitors’.
  • Exposure-Based Audiences
    Create exposure-based audiences in minutes and retarget them where they’re most likely to see your ads across linear, streaming, and digital.
  • Actionable Cross-Channel Intelligence
    With timely exposure data, pivot your linear TV campaign strategy quickly to capture more unique impressions among your target audience.
  • Continuous Optimization
    Continuously optimize throughout your flights to achieve maximum impact and reduce waste using Tunnl’s end-to-end solutions.

“This new solution means advertisers no longer have to settle for oversaturation or underserved segments,” says Brent Seaborn, Tunnl’s Co-founder & Chief Data Science Officer. “Built on the industry’s largest actionable data set, Reach & Frequency bolsters the measurement and optimization functionality of the Tunnl platform to continue delivering on our commitment toward enabling data-driven decision-making that yields better connections and better results for our advertisers.”

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